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A systematic review with meta-analysis of survival, quality of life and cost-effectiveness of home parenteral nutrition in patients with inoperable malignant bowel obstruction.
This is the first health economic evaluation and systematic review of survival and QOL for patients with inoperable bowel obstruction receiving HPN during the palliative phase of malignancy and Meta-analyses reveal a short survival and health economic analysis demonstrates high associated costs. Expand
Establishing principles for migraine management in primary care.
Using evidence-based principles of migraine management, practising clinicians can screen and diagnose their headache patients effectively and manage their migraine patients over the long-term natural history of the migraine process. Expand
Annual BANS Report, 2010 Artificial Nutrition Support in the UK 2000 - 2009
This report states that BAPEN will initiate and maintain regular meetings with the relevant government departments, Royal Colleges, specialist societies, and other key stakeholders at national level and develop a robust and cohesive approach to information gathering about nutrition provision at nationallevel. Expand
Taurolidine locks significantly reduce the incidence of catheter-related blood stream infections in high-risk patients on home parenteral nutrition
Reductions in infections were identified in each smaller subgroup of patients receiving home parenteral nutrition, confirming previous reports of a significant reduction in infections when taurolidine is used as secondary prophylaxis and providing initial data suggesting the benefit of its use as primary proPHylaxis. Expand
The financial cost of managing patients with type 2 intestinal failure; experience from a regional centre
Better costing mechanisms are needed in relation to IF patients to allow for heterogeneity, resource utilisation and varied length of stay, these should be on a cost per patient day basis depending on admission type. Expand
Rationale: There is little information about how the prevalence of malnutrition in care homes varies according to the type of nutritional support provided. This study aimed to examine the extent toExpand
Guaiac testing in the diagnosis of rectal trauma: what is its value?
It is suggested that guaiac testing is not accurate enough to rule out the presence of occult rectal injury in patients with penetrating trauma and must not influence the decision to further evaluate patients with high-risk injuries. Expand
Patient Attendance and Outcomes in a Structured Weight Management Program.
Patient retention remains a significant barrier to effective pediatric weight management and structured weight management programs should increase their efforts to engage patients and families at the initial visit and identify and address barriers to follow up. Expand
Hyperventilation increases muscle protein synthesis in critically ill trauma patients.
Muscle protein synthesis is elevated during hyperventilation in critically ill patients with traumatic brain injury, suggesting that this ventilatory therapeutic strategy may have a role in mitigating the negative nitrogen balance and muscle protein wasting that can impair the recovery of these patients. Expand
Combination therapy with amlodipine/valsartan in essential hypertension: a 52‐week, randomised, open‐label, extension study
A large number of hypertensive patients require ≥ 2 agents to achieve target blood pressure (BP) and this study shows that these agents are effective in both low and high-risk patients. Expand