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Linguistic Genocide in Education--Or Worldwide Diversity and Human Rights?
Contents: Preface. Introduction. Part I: Setting the Scene. What Is Happening to the Languages of the World. Connections Between Biodiversity and Linguistic and Cultural Diversity. Mother Tongue(s),Expand
Multilingualism and the education of minority children
Linguicism, the domination of one language at the expense of others, is a reflection of an ideology, associated with racismo. The majority of almost 200 states of the world are officiallyExpand
English Only Worldwide or Language Ecology
The multilingualisms of the United Nations, the European Union, and postcommunist Europe are very different phenomena. English plays a key role in each and is being actively promoted. The languageExpand
The stakes: Linguistic diversity, linguistic human rights and mother­tongue­based multilingual education ­ or linguistic genocide, crimes against humanity and an even faster destruction of
Much work by sociolinguists and educationists on linguistic diversity and endangered languages is descriptive. It often stops at asking ‘what?’ questions and some ‘how?’ questions. This gives tooExpand
The Globalisation of (Educational) Language rights
Languages are today being murdered faster than ever before in human history: 90% of the world's oral languages may be dead or moribund (no longer learned by children) in a hundred years' time. TheExpand
Kurds in Turkey and in (Iraqi) Kurdistan: A Comparison of Kurdish Educational Language Policy in Two Situations of Occupation
This article describes, compares, and analyzes two educational situations for Kurds from the point of view of linguistic human rights, using prodigious exemplification. In Turkey, Kurdish-mediumExpand
Linguistic Human Rights: Overcoming Linguistic Discrimination.
Only a few hundred of the world's 6,000-7,000 languages have any kind of official status, and it is only speakers of official languages (speakers of dominant majority languages) who enjoy allExpand
Social justice through multilingual education
PART 1: INTRODUCTION Foreword by the editors 1. Multilingual education - A Bridge Too Far? - Ajit Mohanty PART 2: MULTILINGUAL EDUCATION: APPROACHES AND CONSTRAINTS 2. Fundamental psychological andExpand
Killing a mother tongue – how the Kurds are deprived of linguistic human rights
Mouton de Gruyter Berlin New York 1994 We will start with a short description of how it is to grow up as a Kurd in the Turkish part of Kurdistan. The extracts come from the testimony of Esref OkumusExpand