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Protecting soldiers and mothers : the political origins of social policy in the United States
  • T. Skocpol
  • History, Political Science
  • 1 December 1993
It is generally believed that the United States lagged behind the countries of Western Europe in developing modern social policies. But, as Theda Skocpol shows in this historical analysis, the United
States and social revolutions : a comparative analysis of France, Russia, and China
List of tables and maps Preface Introduction 1. Explaining social revolutions: alternatives to existing theories Part I. Causes of Social Revolutions in France, Russia and China: 2. Old-regime states
Bringing the State Back In: Bringing the State Back In: Strategies of Analysis in Current Research
A sudden upsurge of interest in “the state” has occurred in comparative social science in the past decade. Whether as an object of investigation or as something invoked to explain outcomes of
The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism
In the aftermath of a potentially demoralizing 2008 electoral defeat, when the Republican Party seemed widely discredited, the emergence of the Tea Party provided conservative activists with a new
Bringing the State Back In
Preface Introduction 1. Bringing the state back in: strategies of analysis in current research Theda Skocpol Part I. States as Promoters of Economic Development and Social Redistribution: 2. The
The Uses of Comparative History in Macrosocial Inquiry
Comparative history is not new. As long as people have investigated social life, there has been recurrent fascination with juxtaposing historical patterns from two or more times or places. Part of