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Politics and the struggle to define: a discourse analysis of the framing strategies of competing actors in a 'new' participatory forum.
  • T. Skillington
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The British journal of sociology
  • 1 September 1997
By examining the position of this field vis-à-vis the field of political power, this research will show how broader relations of domination and traditional power asymmetries came to be reasserted in a 'new' participatory arrangement. Expand
Demythologising a Neo-Liberal Model of Healthcare Reform: A Politics of Rights, Recognition, and Human Suffering
As a moral-political witness to contemporary human suffering, the activist campaigning on various healthcare issues makes a vital contribution to the social expansion of a human rights consciousness.Expand
Cosmopolitan Justice and Global Climate Change: Toward Perpetual Peace or War in a Resource-Challenged World?
Can inclinations towards democratic peace be maintained within the international community when competition between states for diminishing natural resource reserves and the threat of militaryExpand
Defending the 'public interest': an assessment of competing actor representations of 'solutions' to growing natural resource deficiencies.
This paper applies a SRT framework to the study of two case studies, namely the recent campaign of opposition to the legalization of hydraulic fracking in the State of New York and the more ongoingExpand
Climate justice without freedom
Storm surges, flooding, heatwaves, and prolonged drought, as ever more regular features of life under deteriorating climate conditions, are unmistakably violent. Their effects on the lives ofExpand
The city as text: constructing Dublin's identity through discourse on transportation and urban re-development in the press
This paper illustrates how the project of 'redeveloping' Dublin city has been influenced by a set of symbolic and referential functions that may be collectively called insularitv. In its politicalExpand
Constructing Difference: Discourse Coalitions on Biotechnology in the Press
Over the last 30 years, growing consciousness of the fact that regimes of nature are not eternal and unalterable has energised the idea of ‘nature as victim’ in human ethical and politicalExpand
Reconfiguring the Contours of Statehood and the Rights of Peoples of Disappearing States in the Age of Global Climate Change
Many of the elements that have traditionally supported state level normative self-organization, most notably territory, are being actively undermined by rising sea levels, flooding, desertification,Expand
UN genocide commemoration, transnational scenes of mourning and the global project of learning from atrocity.
  • T. Skillington
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The British journal of sociology
  • 1 September 2013
How the historical constancy of violence is interpreted by the UN through a detailed critical analysis of its recently inaugurated 'remembrance through education' programme aimed at a transnational collective learning from atrocity is explored. Expand
Changing perspectives on natural resource heritage, human rights, and intergenerational justice
ABSTRACT This paper observes how the social, political and legal life of rights continues to evolve in response to growing natural resource scarcity and deteriorating climate conditions worldwide. InExpand