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The dynamical complexity of optically injected semiconductor lasers
Abstract This report presents a modern approach to the theoretical and experimental study of complex nonlinear behavior of a semiconductor laser with optical injection—an example of a widely appliedExpand
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Nonlinear dynamics induced by external optical injection in semiconductor lasers
External optical injection of semiconductor lasers changes the resonant coupling characteristics between the circulating optical field in the laser cavity and the free carriers (gain medium). ChangesExpand
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Four-wave mixing and optical modulation in a semiconductor laser
There is a direct connection between nearly degenerate four-wave mixing in a semiconductor laser and optical modulation in the laser field. It can be understood using a model of an unlocked,Expand
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Small-signal analysis of modulation characteristics in a semiconductor laser subject to strong optical injection
Injection locking of a semiconductor laser can induce major changes in the modulation characteristics of the laser. A small-signal analysis using the lumped element model shows that both theExpand
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Mapping the nonlinear dynamics of a distributed feedback semiconductor laser subject to external optical injection
Abstract Single-mode semiconductor lasers can exhibit stable, bistable, periodic, quasiperiodic, and chaotic output characteristics when subjected to monochromatic, near-resonant external opticalExpand
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Instabilities and chaos in optically injected semiconductor lasers
We have experimentally obtained and theoretically analyzed a systematic map of the various instabilities induced in a semiconductor laser subject to strong optical injection as the amount of opticalExpand
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Limit-cycle dynamics with reduced sensitivity to perturbations.
Limit-cycle oscillators are used to model a broad range of periodic nonlinear phenomena. Using the optically injected semiconductor laser as a paradigmatic example, we demonstrate that at specificExpand
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Response characteristics of direct current modulation on a bandwidth-enhanced semiconductor laser under strong injection locking
The response characteristics of direct current modulation on an injection-locked semiconductor laser are investigated. When a semiconductor laser is strongly injection locked in a stable lockingExpand
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Global quantitative predictions of complex laser dynamics.
We demonstrate unprecedented agreement between a theoretical two-dimensional bifurcation diagram and the corresponding experimental stability map of an optically injected semiconductor laser over aExpand
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Phase and amplitude characteristics of nearly degenerate four‐wave mixing in Fabry–Perot semiconductor lasers
The phase and amplitude characteristics of nearly degenerate four‐wave mixing in a semiconductor laser are studied. The experimental data can be quantitatively understood with a theoretical analysisExpand
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