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A class-wide phylogenetic assessment of Dothideomycetes
A genomic comparison of 6 dothideomycete genomes with other fungi finds a high level of unique protein associated with the class, supporting its delineation as a separate taxon.
Molecular taxonomy of bambusicolous fungi: Tetraplosphaeriaceae, a new pleosporalean family with Tetraploa-like anamorphs
Monophyly of the family and that of each genus were strongly supported by analyses based on a combined dataset of the three regions (ITS+TEF+BT), and results suggest that Tetraplosphaeria (anamorph: tetraploa s. l. str.) is an ancestral lineage within this family.
Comparative Genomics of Early-Diverging Mushroom-Forming Fungi Provides Insights into the Origins of Lignocellulose Decay Capabilities.
The results suggest that white-rot fungi evolved later in the Agaricomycetes, with the first class II peroxidases reconstructed in the ancestor of the Auriculariales and residual Agarics, and the origin of ligninolytic enzymes reconstructed.
Trichoderma mienum sp. nov., isolated from mushroom farms in Japan
Based on morphological observations and phylogenetic analyses, this species is described as a new species, Trichoderma mienum, representing its Hypocrea teleomorph and Trichodma anamorph, but its morphological characteristics do not match the other members of this clade.
Taxonomic study of the Japanese Dacrymycetes
An investigation of the dacrymycetous fungal flora of Japan was attempted, and 28 taxonomic entities were recognised, including five new taxa, i.e. Dacry myces ancyleus, D. aureosporus,D.
Molecular phylogeny of two coelomycetous fungal genera with stellate conidia, Prosthemium and Asterosporium, on Fagales trees
Prosthemium (teleomorph Pleomassaria) and Asterosporium (teleomorph unknown) are coelomycetous genera with stellate conidia on Fagales trees. Their morphological resemblance suggests their close re...
Combined molecular and morphological data for improving phylogenetic hypothesis in Dacrymycetes
A new genus is proposed, Unilacryma, for D. unisporus, a unique species having predominantly non-bifurcate basidia and subglobose to ovoid basidiospores with transverse and longitudinal septa in molecular phylogenies of Dacrymycetes.
Re-evaluation of Hypocrea pseudogelatinosa and H. pseudostraminea isolated from shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes) cultivation in Korea and Japan
This study reports the first phylogenetic analyses of H. pseudogelatinosa and Japanese strains ofH.