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New phlegmarane-type, cernuane-type, and quinolizidine alkaloids from two species of Lycopodium
Abstract Two new phlegmarane-type alkaloids, cermizines A ( 1 ) and B ( 2 ), three new quinolizidine alkaloids, cermizine C ( 3 ) and senepodines G ( 4 ) and H ( 5 ), and a new C 16 N 2 type alkaloidExpand
Megastigmane, benzyl and phenethyl alcohol glycosides, and 4,4'-dimethoxy-beta-truxinic acid catalpol diester from the leaves of Premna subscandens MERR.
Extensive isolation work on the n-BuOH-soluble fraction obtained from the leaves of Premna subscandens, collected on Ishigaki island, Okinawa, afforded six compounds. Two were identified asExpand
Bridelionosides A-F: Megastigmane glucosides from Bridelia glauca f. balansae.
The chemical investigation of leaves of Bridelia glauca f. balansae afforded six megastigmane glucosides, named bridelionosides A-F, along with seven known megastigmane glucosides. Their structuresExpand
Radical-scavenging activities of new megastigmane glucosides from Macaranga tanarius (L.) MULL.-ARG.
Four new megastigmane glucosides, named macarangiosides A-D (2-5), together with mallophenol B, lauroside E, methyl brevifolin carboxylate, and hyperin and isoquercitrin as a mixture were isolatedExpand
Sprouting characteristics of a subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest following clear-cutting in Okinawa, Japan
The forest stands regenerated by sprouting might recover into a tree community similar to that before clear-cutting, and stumps with a larger DBH tended to have a higher mean number of sprout stems per stump, higher DBH, and higher tree height than the smaller stumps. Expand
Myrsinionosides A-E: megastigmane glycosides from the leaves of Myrsine seguinii Lev.
Eight megastigmane glycosides were isolated from the leaves of Myrsine seguinii collected in Okinawa. Three of them were found to be known compounds, i.e., ampelopsisionoside, alangionoside J, andExpand
Terpenic and phenolic glycosides from leaves of Breynia officinalis HEMSL.
From the leaves of Breynia officinalis, collected on Okinawa Island, six terpenic glucosides and six phenolic glycosides were isolated and new compounds were named isorobustaside A, and breyniosides A and B, and their structures were elucidated from spectroscopic evidence. Expand
5-O-glucosyldihydroflavones from the leaves of Helicia cochinchinensis.
The structures of two other phenolic glucosides were elucidated to be 5-O-beta-D-glucosides of 3-hydroxyflavanone, namely aromadendrin and taxifolin, by means of spectroscopic analyses. Expand
An iridoid glucoside dimer and a non-glycosidic iridoid from the leaves of Lasianthus wallichii.
A new iridoid glucoside dimer and a non-glycosidic iridoids were isolated together with the known compounds from the leaves of Lasianthus wallichii, elucidated by spectroscopic and chemical evidence. Expand
Secoiridoid and iridoid glucosides from the leaves of Fraxinus griffithii
Phytochemical investigation of the dried leaves of Fraxinus griffithii collected in Okinawa has led to the isolation of three new secoiridoid glucosides, griffithosides A–C (1–3), and one new iridoidExpand