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Quark confinement: dual superconductor picture based on a non-Abelian Stokes theorem and reformulations of Yang-Mills theory
The purpose of this paper is to review the recent progress in understanding quark confinement. The emphasis of this review is placed on how to obtain a manifestly gauge-independent picture for quark
BRST symmetry of $SU\!(2)$ Yang-Mills theoryin Cho-Faddeev-Niemi decomposition
Abstract.We determine the nilpotent BRST and anti-BRST transformations for the Cho-Faddeev-Niemi variables for the $SU\!(2)$ Yang-Mills theory based on the new interpretation given in a previous
Renormalizing a Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin-invariant composite operator of mass dimension 2 in Yang-Mills theory
We discuss the renormalization of a BRST and anti-BRST invariant com- posite operator of mass dimension 2 in Yang-Mills theory with the general BRST and anti-BRST invariant gauge fixing term of the
Reformulating SU(N) Yang-Mills Theory Based on Change of Variables
We propose a new version of SU(N) Yang-Mills theory reformulated in terms of new field variables which are obtained by a nonlinear change of variables from the original Yang-Mills gauge field. The
Yang-Mills Theory Constructed from Cho-Faddeev-Niemi Decomposition
We give a new way of looking at the Cho-Faddeev-Niemi (CFN) decomposition of the Yang-Mills theory to answer how the enlarged local gauge symmetry respected by the CFN variables is restricted to
Glueball mass from quantized knot solitons and gauge-invariant gluon mass(Fundamental Problems and Applications of Quantum Field Theory-Topological Aspects of Quantum Field Theory-)
We propose an approach which enables one to obtain simultaneously the glueball mass and the gluon mass in the gauge-invariant way to shed new light on the mass gap problem in Yang-Mills theory.