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Stomagen positively regulates stomatal density in Arabidopsis
Stomata in the epidermal tissues of leaves are valves through which passes CO2, and as such they influence the global carbon cycle. The two-dimensional pattern and density of stomata in the leafExpand
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Myosin-dependent endoplasmic reticulum motility and F-actin organization in plant cells
Plants exhibit an ultimate case of the intracellular motility involving rapid organelle trafficking and continuous streaming of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Although it was long assumed that theExpand
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Vacuolar sorting receptor for seed storage proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
The seeds of higher plants accumulate large quantities of storage protein. During seed maturation, storage protein precursors synthesized on rough endoplasmic reticulum are sorted to protein storageExpand
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Transport of Storage Proteins to Protein Storage Vacuoles Is Mediated by Large Precursor-Accumulating Vesicles
Novel vesicles that accumulate large amounts of proprotein precursors of storage proteins were purified from maturing pumpkin seeds. These vesicles were designated precursor-accumulating (PAC)Expand
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A rapid and non-destructive screenable marker, FAST, for identifying transformed seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana.
The creation of transgenic plants has contributed extensively to the advancement of plant science. Establishing homozygous transgenic lines is time-consuming and laborious, and using antibiotics orExpand
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Vacuolar Processing Enzymes Are Essential for Proper Processing of Seed Storage Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana*
The proprotein precursors of storage proteins are post-translationally processed to produce their respective mature forms within the protein storage vacuoles of maturing seeds. To investigate theExpand
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AtVPS29, a putative component of a retromer complex, is required for the efficient sorting of seed storage proteins.
Seed storage proteins are synthesized on rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER) as larger precursors and are sorted to protein storage vacuoles, where they are converted into the mature forms. We reportExpand
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Why green fluorescent fusion proteins have not been observed in the vacuoles of higher plants.
Green fluorescent protein (GFP) makes it possible for organelles and protein transport pathways to be visualized in living cells. However, GFP fluorescence has not yet been observed in the vacuolesExpand
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A proteinase-storing body that prepares for cell death or stresses in the epidermal cells of Arabidopsis.
Plants degrade cellular materials during senescence and under various stresses. We report that the precursors of two stress-inducible cysteine proteinases, RD21 and a vacuolar processing enzymeExpand
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Arabidopsis VPS35, a retromer component, is required for vacuolar protein sorting and involved in plant growth and leaf senescence.
The retromer complex is responsible for retrograde transport, which is coordinated with anterograde transport in the secretory pathway including vacuolar protein sorting. Yeast VPS35 is a componentExpand
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