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Evidence of ontogenetic migration from mangroves to coral reefs by black-tail snapper Lutjanus fulvus: stable isotope approach
Mangroves are often considered to be important nurseries for coral reef fishes, yet this assumption has rarely been tested. At Ishigaki Island, southern Japan, black-tail snapper Lutjanus fulvusExpand
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Relationship between pelagic larval duration and abundance of tropical fishes on temperate coasts of Japan.
The influence of pelagic larval duration (PLD) and egg type dispersal capabilities of 35 demersal and pelagic-spawning tropical fish species is examined in relation to their abundance on theExpand
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Male maturity, number of sperm, and spermatophore size relationships in the coconut crab Birgus latro on Hatoma Island, southern Japan
Abstract To consider effective resource management strategies for the coconut crab, Birgus latro, we determined the size of males at sexual maturity by histological methods and investigated anExpand
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Habitat use patterns of fishes across the mangrove-seagrass-coral reef seascape at Ishigaki Island, southern Japan
To clarify seascape-scale habitat use patterns of fishes in the Ryukyu Islands (southern Japan), visual censuses were conducted in the mangrove estuary, sand area, seagrass bed, coral rubble area,Expand
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Isolation and characterization of stress-responsive genes from the scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis
In order to identify the expression of coral genes induced by stressors such as suspended red soil, mRNA differential display was examined for the coral Pocillopora damicornis. Apparent differencesExpand
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Spatial variability in habitat associations of pre- and post-settlement stages of coral reef fishes at Ishigaki Island, Japan
Successful settlement of pelagic fish larvae into benthic juvenile habitats may be enhanced by a shortened settlement period, since it limits larval exposure to predation in the new habitat. BecauseExpand
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Feeding Habits of Moray Eels (Pisces: Muraenidae) at Kuchierabu-jima
南西諸島の口永良部島の磯水域において、熱帯性ウツボ科魚類14種、タケウツボ Strophidon ui、ワカウツボ Gymnothorax eurostus、クラカケウツボ G. rueppelliae、ゴマウツボ G. flavimarginatus、ニセゴイシウツボ G. melanospilus、サビウツボ G. thyrsoideus、ヘリゴイシウツボ G.Expand
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Lipid storage and composition in tropical surgeonfishes (Teleostei: Acanthuridae)
Abstract The lipid composition of tropical marine reef fishes is poorly known, despite their use as food by local human populations and recent interest in health-related benefits of fish lipids. WeExpand
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