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Lymphocyte stimulation: a rapid multiparameter analysis.
Several parameters of stimulation of individual lymphocytes are measured simultaneously by flow-cytofluorometry after differential staining of cellular DNA and RNA with the metachromatic fluorescent
Discrimination of human leukemia subtypes by flow cytometric analysis of cellular DNA and RNA.
A newly developed flow cytometry technique for simultaneous measurements of three features of individual cells--DNA, RNA, and nuclear diameter--using acridine orange as a fluorescent metachromatic
Simultaneous staining of ribonucleic and deoxyribonucleic acids in unfixed cells using acridine orange in a flow cytofluorometric system.
Evidence is provided that acridine orange staining of unfixed cells may be used as a simple, fast means of obtaining information on cell ploidy levels and cell cycle status from DNA measurements and cell transcriptional activity from RNA staining.
Subcompartments of the G1 phase of cell cycle detected by flow cytometry.
Cellular DNA and RNA were simultaneously quantitated in individual cells of cycling and quiescent populations by flow cytometry. Based on differences in RNA content, two distinct subcompartments, G1A
Correlation between cell cycle duration and RNA content
The metachromatic fluorochrome acridine orange was used to differentially stain DNA and RNA in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells and in mitogen‐stimulated human lymphocytes during their progression
Cell cycle-related changes in nuclear chromatin of stimulated lymphocytes as measured by flow cytometry.
Flow cytometric techniques developed to assay lymphocyte stimulation as reflected by the increase in the cell transcriptional activity and cell progression through the cell cycle may also prove to be useful in recognizing and quantitating noncycling cells in other cell systems.
Different sensitivity of chromatin to acid denaturation in quiescent and cycling cells as revealed by flow cytometry.
The results suggest that DNA in condensed chromatin of quiescent lymphocytes is more sensitive to acid-denaturation than DNA in dispersed Chromatin of the cycling interphase cells.
Size and refractive index dependence of simple forward angle scattering measurements in a flow system using sharply-focused illumination.
It is concluded that unambiguous and fairly precise estimates of both size and refractive index for cell-like particles can be obtained from a single (perpendicular) scatter signal in a flow system using line-focused illumination.
Recognition of cells in mitosis by flow cytofluormetry.
Cells in mitosis may be distinguished from interphase cells based on difference in chromatin structure as revealed by two different methods of staining with acridine orange, which is possible to quantitate cells in G1, S and G2 phases of the cell cycle.