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Disability Rights and Wrongs
1. Introduction Part 1: Conceptualising Disability 2. The Family of Social Approaches 3. Critiquing the Social Model 4. Disability: A Complex Interaction 5. Labels and Badges Part 2: Disability andExpand
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Disability Rights and Wrongs Revisited
1. Introduction Part 1: Foundations 2. Materialist Disability Studies 3. Cultural Disability Studies 4. Critical Realist Disability Studies 5. Labels and Badges Part 2: Applications 6. QuestioningExpand
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Cultural Representation of Disabled People: Dustbins for Disavowal?
ABSTRACT Impairment and imagery are neglected within the social model approaches to disability. This is connected to a neglect of representation. Comparing the experience of disabled people to thatExpand
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Disabled Sexuality: Toward Rights and Recognition
Looking back at the development of disability sexuality studies, there is a need for a social model of disabled sexuality. However, this should be sensitive to difference, including the impact ofExpand
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Choices and rights: eugenics, genetics and disability equality.
Pre-natal screening is a highly contentious ethical and political issue. The paper discusses aspects of the debate, and focuses on the context in which reproductive decisions are taken and the lackExpand
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The Sexual Politics of Disabled Masculinity
There is an absence of sociological work on disability and gender, and on disabled masculinity in particular. Disability studies in Britain has largely ignored gendered personal experience, and workExpand
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The Sexual Politics of Disability: Untold Desires
Introduction - "Caroline" barriers to being sexual - "Juniper" identity and imagery - "Julie" sex and relationships - "Paul" bad sex - "Salma" double the trouble? - "Dafydd" making a change - "Penny".
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Defending the Social Model
In British disability politics, the disability movement has sponsored the social model approach to disability studies, which challenges the psychological model that individualizes disability & theExpand
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The Disability Reader: Social Science Perspectives
This collection of articles explores the intellectual implications of a disability equality perspective. Topics include: the relevance of social theory; disabling architecture; feminist theory andExpand
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