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TICAM-1, an adaptor molecule that participates in Toll-like receptor 3–mediated interferon-β induction
Human Toll-like receptor (TLR) 3 recognizes double-stranded (ds) RNA and induces production of interferon (IFN)-β independent of the adaptor molecules MyD88 and TIRAP. Thus, another adaptor mustExpand
TLR3: interferon induction by double-stranded RNA including poly(I:C).
Toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3) recognizes viral double-stranded RNA and its synthetic analog polyriboinosinic:polyribocytidylic acid (poly(I:C)) and induces type I interferon (IFN), inflammatoryExpand
TIR-containing Adapter Molecule (TICAM)-2, a Bridging Adapter Recruiting to Toll-like Receptor 4 TICAM-1 That Induces Interferon-β*
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is an agonist for Toll-like receptor (TLR) 4 and expresses many genes including NF-κB- and interferon regulatory factor (IRF)-3/IFN-inducible genes in macrophages andExpand
Human Intelectin Is a Novel Soluble Lectin That Recognizes Galactofuranose in Carbohydrate Chains of Bacterial Cell Wall*
Galactofuranosyl residues are present in various microorganisms but not in mammals. In this study, we identified a human lectin binding to galactofuranosyl residues and named this protein humanExpand
Teleost TLR22 Recognizes RNA Duplex to Induce IFN and Protect Cells from Birnaviruses1
TLR22 occurs exclusively in aquatic animals and its role is unknown. Herein we show that the fugu (Takifugu rubripes) (fg)TLR3 and fgTLR22 link the IFN-inducing pathway via the fg Toll-IL-1R homologyExpand
Subcellular Localization of Toll-Like Receptor 3 in Human Dendritic Cells 1
Toll-like receptor (TLR)3 recognizes dsRNA and transduces signals to activate NF-κB and IFN-β promoter. Type I IFNs (IFN-α/β) function as key cytokines in anti-viral host defense. Human fibroblastsExpand
Maturation of Human Dendritic Cells by Cell Wall Skeleton of Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette-Guérin: Involvement of Toll-Like Receptors
ABSTRACT The constituents of mycobacteria are an effective immune adjuvant, as observed with complete Freund's adjuvant. In this study, we demonstrated that the cell wall skeleton of MycobacteriumExpand
Establishment of a monoclonal antibody against human Toll-like receptor 3 that blocks double-stranded RNA-mediated signaling.
A monoclonal antibody (mAb) against human Toll-like receptor (TLR) 3 was established and its effect on TLR3-mediated responses was tested using human fibroblast cell lines expressing TLR3 on the cellExpand
Prediction of the prototype of the human Toll-like receptor gene family from the pufferfish, Fugu rubripes, genome
The insect Toll family of proteins and their mammalian counterparts seemingly shared one common ancestor and evolved independently. Here we demonstrated that the prototype of the mammalian-typeExpand
Purification and characterization of a membrane protein (gp45-70) that is a cofactor for cleavage of C3b and C4b
Based on preliminary evidence indicating that a cell-associated protein of U937 (a human monocyte-like cell line) possessed cofactor activity and was not the C3b/C4b receptor, we sought to furtherExpand