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Deconfined Quantum Critical Points
It is shown that near second-order quantum phase transitions, subtle quantum interference effects can invalidate this paradigm for quantum criticality, and a theory of quantum critical points in a variety of experimentally relevant two-dimensional antiferromagnets is presented.
Quantum criticality beyond the Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson paradigm
We present the critical theory of a number of zero-temperature phase transitions of quantum antiferromagnets and interacting boson systems in two dimensions. The most important example is the
Deconfined quantum critical points: symmetries and dualities
The deconfined quantum critical point (QCP), separating the Neel and valence bond solid phases in a 2D antiferromagnet, was proposed as an example of ð2 þ 1ÞD criticality fundamentally different from
Weak magnetism and non-Fermi liquids near heavy-fermion critical points
This paper is concerned with the weak-moment magnetism in heavy-fermion materials and its relation to the non-Fermi liquid physics observed near the transition to the Fermi liquid. We explore the
Physics of three dimensional bosonic topological insulators: Surface Deconfined Criticality and Quantized Magnetoelectric Effect
We discuss physical properties of `integer' topological phases of bosons in D=3+1 dimensions, protected by internal symmetries like time reversal and/or charge conservation. These phases invoke
Origin of Mott Insulating Behavior and Superconductivity in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
A remarkable recent experiment has observed Mott insulator and proximate superconductor phases in twisted bilayer graphene when electrons partly fill a nearly flat mini-band that arises a `magic'
A controlled expansion for certain non-Fermi liquid metals
The destruction of Fermi liquid behavior when a gapless Fermi surface is coupled to a fluctuating gapless boson field is studied theoretically. This problem arises in a number of different contexts
Fractionalized fermi liquids.
In spatial dimensions d>or=2, Kondo lattice models of conduction and local moment electrons can exhibit a fractionalized, nonmagnetic state (FL(*)) with a Fermi surface of sharp electronlike
Interacting fermionic topological insulators/superconductors in three dimensions
Symmetry protected topological (SPT) phases are a minimal generalization of the concept of topological insulators to interacting systems. In this paper, we describe the classification and properties