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Characterization of Seed Borne Fusarium Sp. Biodiversity in Major Cereals through Morphological and Molecular Basis
Seed-borne Fusarium graminearum and F. moniliforme, the entire plate was completely covered with in 6 and 8 days, respectively, and the colour of the mycelium was initially white, later turned in to cream colour or lilac colour.
Ethnoforestry and ethnoagricultural knowledge of Malayali tribes of Chitteri hills, Tamil Nadu
Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu is rich with floral diversity, landscapes and forms of discontinous terriority hills. The Malayali tribes of Chitteri hills, Southern Eastern Ghats have blessed with
Prebiotic effect of honey on the growth of bifidobacterium longum bb-46 in synbiotic whey drink
A study was conducted to assess the prebiotic potential of honey towards Bifidobacterial species in the preparation of synbiotic whey. Both the cheese whey and paneer were inoculated with