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Dynamics of Loschmidt echoes and fidelity decay
Fidelity serves as a benchmark for the reliability in quantum information processes, and has recently attracted much interest as a measure of the susceptibility of dynamics to perturbations. A richExpand
Possible resonance effect in the distribution of earthquake damage in Mexico City
The destruction caused by the earthquake of 19 September 1985 in Mexico City shows three remarkable features1. First, a (concentration of damage in the former lake bed; second, a peculiarExpand
Information theory and statistical nuclear reactions. I. General theory and applications to few-channel problems
Abstract Ensembles of scattering S-matrices have been used in the past to describe the statistical fluctuations exhibited by many nuclear-reaction cross sections as a function of energy. In recentExpand
The mixing distance
Mixing character denotes a property concerning the composition of sets. It was first used in order to present criteria for ligand systems in molecules that assure the existence of chiral isomers.Expand
Fidelity amplitude of the scattering matrix in microwave cavities
The concept of fidelity decay is discussed from the point of view of the scattering matrix, and the 'scattering fidelity' is introduced as the parametric cross-correlation of a given S-matrixExpand
Dynamics of nonlinear and disordered systems
Order and chaos in dynamical systems, X. Gomez-Mont and L. Ortiz-Bobadilla selected topics in fluid dynamics, R. Peralta-Fabi parametric instabilities, S. Fauve odds and ends in space-time dynamicalExpand
Complex Extensions of Canonical Transformations and Quantum Mechanics
Publisher Summary Canonical transformations have played a fundamental role in the understanding and solution of problems of classical mechanics; however, in quantum mechanics, the main applicationsExpand
Identifying States of a Financial Market
A definition of state is proposed for a financial market and it is found that a wide variety of characteristic correlation structure patterns exist in the observation time window, and that they can be classified into several typical “market states”. Expand
Spectral statistics of the two-body random ensemble revisited.
Using longer spectra, spectral properties of the two-body random ensemble studied 30 years ago are reanalyzed and it is shown that the nonergodicity is essentially due to the variance of the lowest moments of the spectra. Expand