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Racial Distancing in a Southern City: Latino Immigrants' Views of Black Americans
The United States is undergoing dramatic demographic change, primarily from immigration, and many of the new Latino immigrants are settling in the South. This paper examines hypotheses related toExpand
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Abstract Dramatic demographic changes are occurring in the United States, and some of the most dramatic changes are occurring in the South from Latino immigration. Latinos, by and large, are anExpand
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Taking foreign policy personally : personal values and foreign policy attitudes
Previous research shows that, when it comes to foreign policy, individuals have general orientations that inform their beliefs toward more specific issues in international relations. But such studiesExpand
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Making Political Choices: Canada and the United States
Recent national elections in Canada and the United States have been exciting, consequential contests. In the 2004 federal election in Canada, the Liberal Party narrowly clung to power after aExpand
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The individual-level dynamics of bounded partisanship
Over the past half century, scholars have utilized a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches to study the attachment or identification voters have with political parties. However, modelsExpand
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Foreign policy beliefs and support for Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party
Similar to other recent Canadian elections, foreign policy did not feature prominently in the 2011 federal election campaign. In fact, many doubt Canadian public opinion on international affairs isExpand
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Flawless Campaign, Fragile Victory: Voting in Canada's 2006 Federal Election
Canada's 23rd general election was held on January 23, 2006. Only 20 months earlier, on June 28, 2004, the governing Liberals—in power continuously since 1993—had been reduced to a minority inExpand
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The Consequences of Authoritarian Populism in Britain
Authoritarian Populist was a label often hung on the Thatcher governments of the 1980s. Although the UK political landscape has changed enormously since 1990, the popular sentiments that underpinnedExpand
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Revising the Cannabis Use Disorders Identification Test (CUDIT) by means of Item Response Theory
Cannabis use among adolescents and young adults has become a major public health challenge. Several European countries are currently developing short screening instruments to identify ‘problematic’Expand
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Untangling what makes cities liveable: happiness in five cities
Why is living in the city more attractive in some places than in others? How can policymakers, urban planners and engineers work together to make cities better places to live for urban residents? O...
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