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Narrative Review: Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndromes
This narrative review, by specialists in the field of rheumatology, headache, and stroke, will outline the cause and pathophysiology, symptoms and signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of RCVS and areas of uncertainty. Expand
Guidelines for controlled trials of drugs in migraine: Third edition. A guide for investigators
International Headache Society Clinical Trials Subcommittee members: Peer Tfelt-Hansen (chairman) (Denmark), Julio Pascual (vice-chairman) (Spain), Nabih Ramadan (vice-chairman) (USA), Carl DahlofExpand
Advanced neuroimaging of migraine
In this Review, the most important findings from current imaging studies of migraine are summarised. Expand
Functional MRI of migraine
Identification of the mechanisms that lead to migraine sensory hypersensitivities and that trigger migraine attacks in response to sensory stimuli might help to better understand neural dysfunction in migraine and provide new targets for migraine prevention, and could provide fMRI biomarkers that indicate early responses to preventive therapy. Expand
Occipital Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Headache—Long-Term Safety and Efficacy
Occipital nerve stimulation may be effective in some patients with intractable headache, and results from prospective, randomized, sham-controlled studies in patients with medically refractory headache are needed. Expand
Atypical Resting‐State Functional Connectivity of Affective Pain Regions in Chronic Migraine
Atypical resting‐state functional connectivity of affective pain‐processing brain regions may associate with chronic migraineurs' painful intolerances to somatosensory, visual, olfactory, and auditory stimuli during and between migraine attacks. Expand
The Acute Treatment of Migraine in Adults: The American Headache Society Evidence Assessment of Migraine Pharmacotherapies
There are many acute migraine treatments for which evidence supports efficacy, and Clinicians must consider medication efficacy, potential side effects, and potential medication‐related adverse events when prescribing acute medications for migraine. Expand
Occipital Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Cluster Headache and Hemicrania Continua: Pain Relief and Persistence of Autonomic Features
One patient with chronic cluster and one with hemicrania continua who experienced persistence of autonomic features in the absence of head pain after placement of an occipital nerve stimulator are reported. Expand
Treatment of Cluster Headache: The American Headache Society Evidence‐Based Guidelines
New evidence‐based treatment guidelines for cluster headache will assist clinicians with identifying and choosing among current treatment options. Expand
Treatment of medication-overuse headache: A systematic review
Considering current available evidence and the systemic toxicity of overusing acute headache medication, discontinuation of the overused medication with the addition of preventive medication is suggested. Expand