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Inhibition of adenylyl cyclase by neuronal P2Y receptors
P2Y receptors inhibiting adenylyl cyclase have been found in blood platelets, glioma cells, and endothelial cells. In platelets and glioma cells, these receptors were identified as P2Y12. Here, weExpand
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Virtual anthropology (VA): methodological aspects of linear and volume measurements--first results.
Virtual Anthropology (VA) is the three-dimensional analysis of anthropological objects within a computer environment. For the investigation of fossil hominid material the VA approach is a veryExpand
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Sympathoexcitation by Bradykinin Involves Ca2+-Independent Protein Kinase C
Bradykinin has long been known to excite sympathetic neurons via B2 receptors, and this action is believed to be mediated by an inhibition of M-currents via phospholipase C and inositolExpand
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Presynaptic inhibition of transmitter release from rat sympathetic neurons by bradykinin
Bradykinin is known to stimulate neurons in rat sympathetic ganglia and to enhance transmitter release from their axons by interfering with the autoinhibitory feedback, actions that involve proteinExpand
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UTP evokes noradrenaline release from rat sympathetic neurons by activation of protein kinase C
The pathway involved in UTP‐evoked noradrenaline release was investigated in cultures of rat superior cervical ganglia. Northern blots revealed an age‐related increase in levels of mRNA for P2Y6Expand
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The Thr715Pro Polymorphism of the P-Selectin Gene Is Not Associated With Ischemic Stroke Risk
Background and Purpose— A Thr>Pro polymorphism at codon 715 in the coding region of the P-selectin gene has recently been described. Individuals carrying the Pro715 allele were reported to have aExpand
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The effects of alteration of effector and side of movement on movement-related cortical potentials
The amplitude of the movement-related cortical potential (MRCP) preceding self-paced voluntary movements is larger if subjects alter between flexions of two fingers compared with repetitive movementsExpand
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Der onkologische Patient
Großstadtexistenz: Aufenthalte zwischen Wunsch und Realität
Die Europaische Ethnologie beschaftigt sich mit der Erforschung des Verhaltnisses von Kultur und Gesellschaft im europaischen Kontext. Wie erfahren, deuten und gestalten die Menschen ihr Leben inExpand
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