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Migrations and dynamics of the intertropical convergence zone
An emerging framework links the intertropical convergence zone to the atmospheric energy balance and may account for ITCZ variations on timescales from years to geological epochs.
Analysis of Incomplete Climate Data: Estimation of Mean Values and Covariance Matrices and Imputation of Missing Values.
Estimating the mean and the covariance matrix of an incomplete dataset and filling in missing values with imputed values is generally a nonlinear problem, which must be solved iteratively. The
The physical basis for increases in precipitation extremes in simulations of 21st-century climate change
A physical basis for how precipitation extremes change with climate is given and it is shown that their changes depend on changes in the moist-adiabatic temperature lapse rate, in the upward velocity, and in the temperature when precipitation extremes occur.
Estimation of parameters and eigenmodes of multivariate autoregressive models
Numerical simulations indicate that, with the least squares algorithm, the AR model coefficients and the eigenmodes derived from the coefficients and eigen modes are rough approximations of the confidence intervals inferred from the simulaitons.
The tropopause and the thermal stratification in the extratropics of a dry atmosphere
A dynamical constraint on the extratropical tropopause height and thermal stratification is derived by considerations of entropy fluxes, or isentropic mass fluxes, and their different magnitudes in
Eddy Influences on Hadley Circulations: Simulations with an Idealized GCM
An idealized GCM is used to investigate how the strength and meridional extent of the Hadley circulation depend on the planet radius, rotation rate, and thermal driving. Over wide parameter ranges,
Formation of Jets and Equatorial Superrotation on Jupiter
ThezonalflowinJupiter’suppertroposphereisorganizedintoalternatingretrogradeandprogradejets,with a prograde (superrotating) jet at the equator. Existing models posit as the driver of the flow either
Atmospheric Dynamics of Earth‐Like Tidally Locked Aquaplanets
We present simulations of atmospheres of Earth‐like aquaplanets that are tidally locked to their star, that is, planets whose orbital period is equal to the rotation period about their spin axis, so
Eddy-Mediated Regime Transitions in the Seasonal Cycle of a Hadley Circulation and Implications for Monsoon Dynamics
In a simulation of seasonal cycles with an idealized general circulation model without a hydrologic cycle and with zonally symmetric boundary conditions, the Hadley cells undergo transitions between
The Surface Branch of the Zonally Averaged Mass Transport Circulation in the Troposphere
The near-surface branch of the overturning mass transport circulation in the troposphere, containing the equatorward flow, is examined in isentropic and geometric coordinates. A discussion of the