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Chemistry and oxidation capacity of the nitrate radical in the continental boundary layer near Berlin
The nitrate radical is in many situations the most important nighttime oxidizing species, removing, for example, hydrocarbons, which would otherwise be available to daytime ozone formation. In spiteExpand
Determination of VOC-components in the exhaust of gasoline and diesel passenger cars
The composition of VOC emissions from in-use passenger cars with different engine types, i.e. cars with diesel engines, cars with petrol engines equipped with three-way-catalysts, and cars withExpand
Peroxy radicals during BERLIOZ at Pabstthum: Measurements, radical budgets and ozone production
[1] The Photochemistry Experiment during BERLIOZ (PHOEBE) was conducted in July and August 1998 at a rural site located near the small village of Pabstthum, about 50 km northwest of downtown Berlin.Expand
Quality Assurance of Hydrocarbon Measurements for the German Tropospheric Research Focus (TFS)
In the German Focus on Tropospheric Research (TFS) independent quality assurance procedures were implemented in order to obtain information on data quality and comparability of the differentExpand
Ground-Based and Airborne Measurements of Nonmethane Hydrocarbons in BERLIOZ: Analysis and Selected Results
During the Berlin Ozone Experiment BERLIOZ in July–August 1998 quasi-continuous measurements ofC2–C12 nonmethane hydrocarbons (NMHCs) were carried out at 10 sites in and around the city of BerlinExpand
Hydrocarbon measurements at Pabstthum during the BERLIOZ campaign and modeling of free radicals
[1] The Photochemistry Experiment in BERLIOZ (PHOEBE) was conducted in July/August 1998 at a rural site located near the small village Pabstthum, about 50 km NW of downtown Berlin. More than 60Expand
Development of Emission Models and Improvement of Emission Data for Germany
Measurements and model developments with the objective to improve the quality and resolution of estimations of anthropogenic emissions are described. Measurement results on a chassis dynamometer wereExpand
Measurements of trace gases and photolysis frequencies during SLOPE96 and a coarse estimate of the local OH concentration from HNO3 formation
The Schauinsland Ozone Precursor Experiment (SLOPE96) campaign was conducted in June 1996 to study the physicochemical transformation of pollutants and the production of photooxidants duringExpand
A Database for Volatile Organic Compounds
The database for volatile organic compounds (VOC data base) was created with the aim of providing an overview of tropospheric hydrocarbon measurements. The data base contains 202 substances, forExpand