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Electron spin coherence exceeding seconds in high-purity silicon.
Silicon is one of the most promising semiconductor materials for spin-based information processing devices. Its advanced fabrication technology facilitates the transition from individual devices toExpand
Solid-state quantum memory using the 31P nuclear spin
The transfer of information between different physical forms—for example processing entities and memory—is a central theme in communication and computation. This is crucial in quantum computation,Expand
Excited-state spectroscopy using single spin manipulation in diamond.
We use single-spin resonant spectroscopy to study the spin structure in the orbital excited state of a diamond nitrogen-vacancy (N-V) center at room temperature. The data show that the excited-stateExpand
Reaching the quantum limit of sensitivity in electron spin resonance.
The detection and characterization of paramagnetic species by electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy is widely used throughout chemistry, biology and materials science, from in vivo imaging toExpand
The Spallation Neutron Source accelerator system design
The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) was designed and constructed by a collaboration of six U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories. The SNS accelerator system consists of a 1 GeV linearExpand
Revisiting the cold case of cold fusion
The 1989 claim of ‘cold fusion’ was publicly heralded as the future of clean energy generation. However, subsequent failures to reproduce the effect heightened scepticism of this claim in theExpand
Formation of a few nanometer wide holes in membranes with a dual beam focused ion beam system
When nanometer-scale holes (diameters of 50 to a few hundred nm) are imaged in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) at pressures in the 10−5 to 10−6 Torr range, hydrocarbon deposits build up andExpand
Chip-scale nanofabrication of single spins and spin arrays in diamond.
We demonstrate a technique to nanofabricate nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in diamond based on broad-beam nitrogen implantation through apertures in electron beam lithography resist. This methodExpand
Micromachined atomic force microscopy sensor with integrated piezoresistive sensor and thermal bimorph actuator for high-speed tapping-mode atomic force microscopy phase-imaging in higher eigenmodes
This article describes microprobes for noncontact scanning force microscopy that make use of a direct-oscillating thermally driven bimorph actuator with integrated piezoresistive readout sensor. TheExpand
Controlling spin relaxation with a cavity
Spontaneous emission of radiation is one of the fundamental mechanisms by which an excited quantum system returns to equilibrium. For spins, however, spontaneous emission is generally negligibleExpand