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The Strategy of Conflict.
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Dynamic models of segregation
A study of the interactive dynamics of discriminatory individual choices in neighborhoods . Expand
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Micromotives and Macrobehavior
"Schelling here offers an early analysis of 'tipping' in social situations involving a large number of individuals."-official citation for the 2005 Nobel Prize Micromotives and Macrobehavior wasExpand
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Models of Segregation
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The Strategy of Conflict
I. Elements of a Theory of Strategy 1. The Retarded Science of International Strategy 2. An Essay on Bargaining 3. Bargaining, Communication, and Limited War II. A Reorientation of Game Theory 4.Expand
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Arms and Influence
Traditionally, Americans have viewed war as an alternative to diplomacy, and military strategy as the science of victory. Today, however, in our world of nuclear weapons, military power is not soExpand
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Hockey Helmets, Concealed Weapons, and Daylight Saving
This paper is about binary choices with externalities. These are either-or situations,not choices of degree or quantity. An "externality" is present when you care about my choice or my choice affectsExpand
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Self-Command in Practice, in Policy, and in a Theory of Rational Choice
An increasingly familiar occurrence for obstetricians is being asked by patients to withhold anesthesia during delivery. The physician often proposes that a facemask be put beside the patient who mayExpand
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The Promise of Prediction Markets
The ability of groups of people to make predictions is a potent research tool that should be freed of unnecessary government restrictions.
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The Life you Save May Be Your Own
An impeller wheel for an axial flow fan with adjustable vanes. Each vane comprises a pin which is rotatably accommodated in the hub rim of the wheel and within the said rim carries an adjustment armExpand
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