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The complexity of satisfiability problems
An infinite class of satisfiability problems is considered which contains these two particular problems as special cases, and it is shown that every member of this class is either polynomial-time decidable or NP-complete. Expand
On the Complexity of Some Two-Person Perfect-Information Games
  • T. Schaefer
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • J. Comput. Syst. Sci.
  • 1978
Abstract We present a number of two-person games, based on simple combinatorial ideas, for which the problem of deciding whether the first player can win is complete in polynomial space. ThisExpand
The complexity of checkers on an N × N board
Under certain reasonable assumptions about the "drawing rule" in force, the problem of whether a specified player can force a win against best play by his opponent is shown to be PSPACE-hard. Expand
Complexity of decision problems based on finite two-person perfect-information games
We present a number of simply-structured combinatorial games for which the problem of determining the outcome of optimal play is complete in polynomial space—a condition which gives very strongExpand