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A novel female-specific member of the CYP3A gene subfamily in the mouse liver.
Gonadectomy and sex hormone treatment indicated that estradiol and testosterone were able to induce and suppress the expression of CYP3A41 mRNA in the liver, respectively, and among the classical CYP2A inducers, dexamethasone, rifampicin, and 3-methylcholanthrene did not affect the level of CYp3A 41 mRNA inThe liver of either sex. Expand
Regulation of the expression of two female-predominant CYP3A mRNAs (CYP3A41 and CYP3A44) in mouse liver by sex and growth hormones.
Hypophysectomy and growth hormone replacement indicated that expression of both CYP3A mRNAs in females was dependent on the feminine plasma growth hormone profile, and endocrine control of expression might be similar, but not identical, for two female-predominant CYP2A m RNAs. Expand
Induction of CYP1A2 by phenobarbital in the livers of aryl hydrocarbon-responsive and -nonresponsive mice.
The results indicate that CYP1A2 is a member of the family of phenobarbital-inducible genes in mice and suggest that the aryl hydrocarbon receptor-dependent induction pathway is not involved in the induction of CYP 1A2. Expand
Different expression of hepatic and renal cytochrome P450s between the streptozotocininduced diabetic mouse and rat
The results indicate that mouse P450s respond to insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus differently from those of the rat, and suggest that the expression of P 450s in diabetes is not generally the same across animal species. Expand
Molecular cloning of monkey liver cytochrome P-450 cDNAs: similarity of the primary sequences to human cytochromes P-450.
Northern blot analysis indicated that monkey P450 2C, 2E and 3A mRNAs were expressed constitutively in monkey livers. Expand
Forkhead Box A2–Mediated Regulation of Female-Predominant Expression of the Mouse Cyp2b9 Gene
The regulation mechanism of female-predominant expression of the mouse Cyp2b9 gene was investigated in vivo and in vitro, and the –234/–194 region was also responsible for suppressing the expression by male-type secretion. Expand
Marmoset liver cytochrome P450s: study for expression and molecular cloning of their cDNAs.
The results indicate that the marmoset stands at a midpoint between human and nonprimate experimental animals. Expand
Modulations of cytochrome P450 expression in diabetic mice by berberine.
Berberine, an isoquinoline alkaloid isolated from medicinal plants such as Berberis aristata, Coptis chinesis, Coptis japonica, Coscinium fenestatun, and Hydrastis Canadensis, is widely used in AsianExpand
Marmoset CYP1A2: primary structure and constitutive expression in livers.
It is demonstrated that marmosets constitutively express CYP1A2 in the liver as in humans and also showed ethoxyresorufin O-de-ethylase activity. Expand
Sex-associated expression of mouse hepatic and renal CYP2B enzymes by glucocorticoid hormones.
Observations suggest that (a) there are multiple regulatory pathways in the expression of Cyp2b genes, one of which used by Dex is mediated via the glucocorticoid receptor, which is different from that used by PB, and (b) sex hormones play a role in the regulation of the sex-dependent expression of CYP2B genes in the mouse. Expand