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An approach to avoid traffic congestion using VANET
Roads' overload remains a major challenge although they are constantly expanded in order to increase their capacity and improve their efficiency. This tends to cause many problems: environmentally,Expand
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A New Secure Network Architecture to Increase Security Among Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing
In this paper, we present a new secure architecture of Virtual Network machines in order to increase security among virtual machines in a virtualized environment (Xen as a case study). Expand
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New system forecast e-health by using hybrid of association rules and decision tree
E-health technologies can play a major role in improving the lives of patients and especially with chronic diseases, these technologies can provide quality care at a distance without consulting theirExpand
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A lightweight middleware for an e-health WSN based system using Android technology
In this research we proposed layered approach architecture for a lightweight portable middleware for an e-Health WSN based System and we showed that the results are very promising. Expand
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Security of virtual networks in cloud computing for education
This paper brings an introduction to the virtualization in a cloud environment. Expand
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Optical double phase encryption and spreading technique applied to color image
In this work, we propose an encryption method based on optical double phase encoding and spreading techniques applied to color image. We implement two techniques to reinforce optical encryption,Expand
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Improving Vehicle Localization in Hard Environment Using GNSS-GSM Hybridization and Gaussian Mixture Noise
In urban environment, Multipath and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) phenomena affect considerably the positioning accuracy. Today, GNSS-based positioning systems have penetrated several field, such asExpand
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Performance analysis of a two stage security approach in cloud computing
Cloud computing is emerging as a promising IT paradigm. Many challenges are still hanging ahead for the Cloud to jump into the maturity stage. Thus, security is deemed as a main challenge. In thisExpand
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A profile-based Big data architecture for agricultural context
Bringing Big data technologies into agriculture presents a significant challenge; at the same time, this technology contributes effectively in many countries' economic and social development. In thisExpand
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Optimization of a solar tracker for CPV system principles and pratical approach
In general, the purpose of solar tracking system is to orient the panels towards the sun position at any time from the sunrise to sunset. The accuracy is far more essential especially in theExpand
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