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Role of Secondary Sensory Cortices in Emotional Memory Storage and Retrieval in Rats
The Storage of Emotions The neural mechanisms involved in emotional learning are well understood. However, how and where emotional memories are stored is still largely unclear. Sacco and SacchettiExpand
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Functional roles of an ERG current isolated in cerebellar Purkinje neurons.
Transcripts encoding ERG potassium channels are expressed by most neurons of the CNS. By patch-clamp whole cell recording from Purkinje neurons in slices of young (5-9 days old) mouse cerebellum weExpand
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A‐Type potassium currents active at subthreshold potentials in mouse cerebellar purkinje cells
Voltage‐dependent and calcium‐independent K+ currents were whole‐cell recorded from cerebellar Purkinje cells in slices. Tetraethylammonium (TEA, 4 mm) application isolated an A‐type K+ currentExpand
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Resurgent Current and Voltage Sensor Trapping Enhanced Activation by a β-Scorpion Toxin Solely in Nav1.6 Channel
Resurgent currents are functionally crucial in sustaining the high frequency firing of cerebellar Purkinje neurons expressing Nav1.6 channels. β-Scorpion toxins, such as CssIV, induce a left shift inExpand
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GaAs Reliability Database
The database consists of two main sections, the data references and the device reliability records. The reference section contains 8 fields: reference number, date of publication, authors, articleExpand
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Emotional memories represent the core of human and animal life and drive future choices and behaviors. Early research involving brain lesion studies in animals lead to the idea that the auditoryExpand