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XII.—The Postcranial Skeleton of Rhipidistian Fishes Excluding Eusthenopteron
In a previous paper (Andrews and Westoll 1970) the postcranial skeleton of the best known rhipidistian, Eusthenopteron , was described, and its bearing on the origin of the tetrapod postcranialExpand
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The Devonian actinopterygian Cheirolepis Agassiz
The structure of the fishes constituting the Devonian genus Cheirolepis is investigated. Articulated remains from the Scottish Old Red Sandstone and the Canadian Upper Devonian were studied and twoExpand
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IX.—The Postcranial Skeleton of Ensthenopteron foordi Whiteaves *
Well preserved material of the crossopterygian fish Eusthenopteron enables fresh reconstructions and interpretations of its postcranial skeleton to be given. Comparisons throughout with other bonyExpand
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Coal and coal-bearing strata
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Radotina and other tesserate fishes
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Geological evidence bearing upon continental drift
  • T. S. Westoll
  • Geology
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 28 October 1965
Several kinds of geological evidence bearing on continental drift, apart from palaeomagnetism, will be discussed. The most obvious is the fitting of continental margins, as around the Atlantic, withExpand
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