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The prevention and control of feather pecking in laying hens: identifying the underlying principles
Feather pecking (FP) in laying hens remains an important economic and welfare issue. This paper reviews the literature on causes of FP in laying hens. With the ban on conventional cages in the EUExpand
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Feather pecking in laying hens: new insights and directions for research?
Abstract The aim of this paper is to present new insights and promising directions for future research on feather pecking in laying hens. Our starting point was a multidisciplinary research programExpand
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Predicting feather damage in laying hens during the laying period. Is it the past or is it the present
Feather damage due to severe feather pecking (SFP) in laying hens is most severe during the laying period. However, SFP can develop at an early age and is influenced by early rearing conditions. InExpand
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Welfare assessment of laying hens in furnished cages and non-cage systems: an on-farm comparison
From 2012 onwards, all laying hens in Europe will need to be housed either in furnished cages or non-cage systems (aviaries or floor-housing systems). In terms of animal welfare, furnished cages andExpand
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Heritability of feather pecking and open-field response of laying hens at two different ages.
The objective of the current study was to estimate heritabilities (h2) of feather pecking and open-field response of laying hens at two different ages. An F2 cross, originating from a high and a lowExpand
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Indicators of positive and negative emotions and emotional contagion in pigs
For the welfare of group-housed animals, such as pigs, the emotional state of an individual pig is relevant, but also the extent to which pen mates are affected by the distress or pleasure of otherExpand
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Genetic and Phenotypic Correlations Between Feather Pecking and Open-Field Response in Laying Hens at Two Different Ages
The object of this research was to study the relationship between feather pecking and open-field activity in laying hens at two different ages. A population of 550 birds of a laying hen cross wasExpand
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Feather damaging behaviour in parrots: A review with consideration of comparative aspects
Feather damaging behaviour (also referred to as feather picking or feather plucking) is a behavioural disorder that is frequently encountered in captive parrots. This disorder has manyExpand
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Causes of keel bone damage and their solutions in laying hens
Keel bone damage (KBD) is a critical issue facing the contemporary laying hen industry due to the likely pain leading to compromised welfare and reduced productivity. Recent reports suggest that KBD,Expand
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Effects of genetic group selection against mortality on behavior and peripheral serotonin in domestic laying hens with trimmed and intact beaks
Severe feather pecking is a maladaptive behavior in laying hens that may result in cannibalism and ultimately death of the victims. Selection methods in which the genetic effect of an animal on theExpand
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