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Lipschitz continuous data dependence of sweeping processes in BV spaces
For a rate independent sweeping process with a time dependent smooth convex constraint, we prove that the Kurzweil solution for possibly discontinuous inputs depends locally Lipschitz continuouslyExpand
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Electron density measurements of a field-reversed configuration plasma using a novel compact ultrastable second-harmonic interferometer.
A compact high-sensitivity second-harmonic interferometer for line-integrated electron density measurements on a large plasma machine is presented. The device is based on a fiber coupledExpand
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Two-chord interferometry using 3.39 μm He-Ne laser on a flux-coil-generated FRC.
A two-chord λ(IR)∼3.39 μm He-Ne laser interferometer system was developed for a flux-coil-generated field-reversed configuration to estimate the electron density and the total temperature of theExpand
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Enhanced magnetic field probe array for improved excluded flux calculations on the C-2U advanced beam-driven field-reversed configuration plasma experiment.
External flux conserving coils were installed onto the exterior of the C-2U [M. W. Binderbauer et al., Phys. Plasmas 22, 056110 (2015)] confinement vessel to increase the flux confinement time of theExpand
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Development of a magnetized coaxial plasma gun for compact toroid injection into the C-2 field-reversed configuration device.
A compact toroid (CT) injector was developed for the C-2 device, primarily for refueling of field-reversed configurations. The CTs are formed by a magnetized coaxial plasma gun (MCPG), which consistsExpand
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Magnetic diagnostic suite of the C-2W field-reversed configuration experiment.
A fundamental component of any magnetically confined fusion experiment is a firm understanding of the magnetic field. The increased complexity of the C-2W machine warrants an equally enhancedExpand
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Spectroscopic measurement of ion temperature and ion velocity distributions in the flux-coil generated FRC.
One aim of the flux-coil generated field reversed configuration at Tri Alpha Energy (TAE) is to establish the plasma where the ion rotational energy is greater than the ion thermal energy. To verifyExpand
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Product engineering : eco-design, technologies and green energy
Eco-Design.- The Design for Environmental Compliance Workbench Tool.- Eco-Impact Anticipation by Parametric Screening of Machine System Components.- Man Machine Interaction and Man Machine InterfaceExpand
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Jet outflow and open field line measurements on the C-2U advanced beam-driven field-reversed configuration plasma experiment.
Knowledge and control of the axial outflow of plasma particles and energy along open-magnetic-field lines are of crucial importance to the stability and longevity of the advanced beam-drivenExpand
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Langmuir probe diagnostic suite in the C-2 field-reversed configuration.
Several in situ probes have been designed and implemented into the diagnostic array of the C-2 field-reversed configuration (FRC) at Tri Alpha Energy [M. Tuszewski et al. (the TAE Team), Phys. Rev.Expand
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