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Relationships among vasculature, mitotic activity, and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) in bovine antral follicles of the first follicular wave.
During the growing phase of antral follicle in Bos indicus, relationships among vasculature, mitotic activity, and eNOS were observed predominantly in healthy antrals follicles, highlighting the importance of vasculatures, cell proliferation, and ENOS expression of growing and atretic follicles in the first follicular wave. Expand
Species difference in simultaneous transport and metabolism of ethyl nicotinate in skin.
Results suggest that species difference in permeation profiles of EN might primarily reflect the difference in esterase activity, which should be taken into consideration to predict skin permeability in human using an animal model. Expand
Simultaneous transport and metabolism of nicotinic acid derivatives in hairless mouse skin.
It was confirmed that a difference in alkyl chain length of the ester prodrugs affected not only permeability but also metabolism in the skin permeation process. Expand
Comparative Permeation Studies between Scale Region of Shed Snake Skin and Human Skin In vitro
Scales of shed king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) skin from the dorsal portions, (SSS) and human breast epidermis (HE) were used as barrier membranes for comparison in an in vitro drug permeation studyExpand
Cost management of cleft lips under the Universal Health Coverage Program of the Tawanchai Cleft Center, Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University.
The study of cost management of cleft lip patients under the Universal Health Coverage Program at Tawanchai Cleft Center Srinagarind Hospital indicated that the cost of patient management is lower than usual due to the lack of clear cost information. Expand
Influence of enzyme distribution and diffusion on permeation profile of prodrug through viable skin: theoretical aspects for several steady-state fluxes in two transport directions.
A physical modeling and theoretical simulation aspect for the simultaneous transport and metabolism of prodrug in viable skin were described to understand the influence of enzyme distribution andExpand
The Guardian’s Beliefs on Psychotropic Medications Adherence of Autistic Pediatric Patients
It’s time to dust off the sledgehammers and start cleaning up after the festive cheer. Expand
An in vitro Permeation of Phyllanthus amarus Extract Through Human and Shed Snake Skins
It seems that only certain component(s) of the P. amarus extract could permeate through the skins, and by comparison, at a slower rate across the human skin than shed snake skin. Expand
Efficacy of a Washing Machine for Small Volume Glass Vial Used in Pharmaceutical Analysis
The dimension of a small volume glass vial (SGVs) used with auto-injector HPLC for Pharmaceutical analysis is 3.5 cm. height, 0.6 cm. in diameter and 1.5 ml in volume. Washing process of such vialsExpand