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Environmental assessment and planning theory: four short stories about power, multiple rationality, and ethics
Abstract This paper engages with recent debates in the environmental assessment (EA) literature about the lessons that can be learned from planning theory. It argues that the current communicativeExpand
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Reflections on Foucauldian discourse analysis in planning and environmental policy research
Discourse analysis is becoming an increasingly common approach in planning and environmental policy research. This paper asserts that the generic treatment of discourse analysis obscures distinctExpand
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Planning and Foucault: In Search of the Dark Side of Planning Theory
In this paper we argue that the use of the communicative theory of Jurgen Habermas in planning theory is problematic because it hampers an understanding of how power shapes planning. We posit anExpand
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Making European Space: Mobility, Power and Territorial Identity
Part I: Introducing the Construction Sites of European Space 1. Introduction 2. European Integration and the Emergence of European Spatial Policy 3. Linking Discourse and Space Part II:Analysing theExpand
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Exclusion: the necessary difference between ideal and practical consensus
Consensus building has become an everyday activity in environmental planning and management, and its use is often held to be a symbol of a fair, transparent and fully participative process. However,Expand
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Evaluating the effectiveness of impact assessment instruments: Theorising the nature and implications of their political constitution
The central role of impact assessment instruments globally in policy integration initiatives has been cemented in recent years. Associated with this trend, but also reflecting political emphasis onExpand
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Placing the public in integrated transport planning
The paper argues the need for a more nuanced debate over the place of public involvement in transport planning in Britain, in the context of the current democratic turn in governance. The recentExpand
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The Wave Glider: A Wave-Powered autonomous marine vehicle
The Wave Glider is a new autonomous marine vehicle that is unique in its ability to harness ocean wave energy for platform propulsion. This paper provides an overview of the Wave Glider vehicle'sExpand
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Discourses of Mobility and Polycentric Development: A Contested View of European Spatial Planning
This article carries out an analysis of the European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP), a policy document which represents a critical moment in the emergence of a new discourse of EuropeanExpand
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Being on the Map: The New Iconographies of Power over European Space
This paper explores the representation of European space in images, and the significance of these images in building and reproducing policy discourses of European space. Landmark and less well-knownExpand
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