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Resource pressure and environmental change on the North African littoral: Epipalaeolithic to Roman gastropods from Cyrenaica, Libya
Abstract This paper discusses the marine and terrestrial shell on Epipalaeolithic to Classical-period sites in the Cyrenaican coastlands, northeast Libya, with particular reference to the Haua Fteah,Expand
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Successive bleaching events cause mass coral mortality in Guam, Micronesia
The reefs of Guam, a high island in the Western Pacific, were impacted by an unprecedented succession of extreme environmental events beginning in 2013. Elevated SSTs induced severe island-wideExpand
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Detection of neutralising antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 to determine population exposure in Scottish blood donors between March and May 2020
Background The progression and geographical distribution of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection in the United Kingdom (UK) and elsewhere is unknown becauseExpand
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Late Pleistocene Foragers, c.35,000-11,500 years ago
c. 27,000–19,500 bp and it is in this sense that the term LGM is used in this chapter (see Hastenrath 2009NOT IN REFS, 709; Wang et al. 2009). The LGM was probably the most extreme climatic episodeExpand
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New Neanderthal remains associated with the ‘flower burial’ at Shanidar Cave
Abstract Shanidar Cave in Iraqi Kurdistan became an iconic Palaeolithic site following Ralph Solecki's mid twentieth-century discovery of Neanderthal remains. Solecki argued that some of theseExpand
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The nest area, post-fledging family area, and foraging area are critical home range components for maintaining Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) populations. Each of these forest components has aExpand
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Buffel grass in South Australia - development of pest plant policy.
In South Australia, concerted state-wide efforts have been initiated to address the serious weed threat posed by buffel grass. It is a highly invasive species that is well adapted to aridExpand
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