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Osteoradionecrosis of the jaws as a side effect of radiotherapy of head and neck tumour patients--a report of a thirty year retrospective review.
This retrospective study aimed to demonstrate the incidence and the aetiological factors involved in osteoradionecrosis (ORN) in a group of 830 head and neck tumour patients who received radiotherapyExpand
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Bridging of the sella turcica in skeletal Class III subjects.
Several investigations have analysed the frequency of sella turcica anomalies in patients with severe craniofacial deviations. Until now, there have been no studies concerning the prevalence of sellaExpand
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Phase composition, mechanical performance and in vitro biocompatibility of hydraulic setting calcium magnesium phosphate cement.
Brushite (CaHPO(4) x 2H(2)O)-forming calcium phosphate cements are of great interest as bone replacement materials because they are resorbable in physiological conditions. However, their shortExpand
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Healing of onlay mandibular bone grafts covered with collagen membrane or bovine bone substitutes: a microscopical and immunohistochemical study in the sheep.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the role of collagen membrane and Bio-Oss coverage in healing of an onlay graft to the mandible. Twelve adult sheep each received an onlay bone graftExpand
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Low temperature fabrication of magnesium phosphate cement scaffolds by 3D powder printing
Synthetic bone replacement materials are of great interest because they offer certain advantages compared with organic bone grafts. Biodegradability and preoperative manufacturing of patient specificExpand
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Analysis of expression profiles of MAGE-A antigens in oral squamous cell carcinoma cell lines
BackgroundThe immunological response to solid tumours is insufficient. Therefore, tumour specific antigens have been explored to facilitate the activation of the immune system. The cancer/testisExpand
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Relationship between the risk of mandibular angle fractures and the status of incompletely erupted mandibular third molars.
BACKGROUND Several studies have shown the increased risk of mandibular angle fractures associated with incompletely erupted mandibular third molars. But only a few reports analysed in detail theExpand
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In vivo degradation of low temperature calcium and magnesium phosphate ceramics in a heterotopic model.
Bone replacement using synthetic and degradable materials is desirable in various clinical conditions. Most applied commercial materials are based on hydroxyapatite, which is not chemicallyExpand
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Maxillofacial fractures resulting from falls.
OBJECTIVE This study was performed to clarify the characteristics of facial fractures caused by falls with a particular focus on aetiology. PATIENTS Of 505 patients with facial fractures treated inExpand
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Comparison of the in vivo efficiency of photofrin II‐, mTHPC‐, mTHPC‐PEG‐ and mTHPCnPEG‐mediated PDT in a human xenografted head and neck carcinoma
One of the approaches to enhance the selectivity and efficiency of photodynamic therapy (PDT) was the conjugation of the photosensitizer meta‐tetrahydroxyphenylchlorin (mTHPC) to the water‐solubleExpand
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