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In search of the visual pigment template.
Absorbance spectra were recorded by microspectrophotometry from 39 different rod and cone types representing amphibians. reptiles, and fishes, with A1- or A2-based visual pigments and lambdamaxExpand
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What middle ear parameters tell about impedance matching and high frequency hearing
Acoustic energy enters the mammalian cochlea aided by an anatomical impedance matching performed by the middle ear. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the functional consequences of changes inExpand
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Rhodopsin and Porphyropsin Fields In the Adult Bullfrog Retina
Though it had been supposed earlier that the bullfrog undergoes a virtually complete metamorphosis of visual systems from vitamin A2 and porphyropsin in the tadpole to vitamin A1 and rhodopsin in theExpand
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Magnetophosphenes: a quantitative analysis of thresholds
Low-frequency and transient magnetic fields of moderate flux densities are known to generate visual phenomena, so-called magnetophosphenes. In the present study, time-variable very low frequencyExpand
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Molecular basis of dark adaptation in rod photoreceptors
Following exposure of the eye to an intense light that ‘bleaches’ a significant fraction of the rhodopsin, one's visual threshold is initially greatly elevated, and takes tens of minutes to recoverExpand
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Retinal origins of the temperature effect on absolute visual sensitivity in frogs.
1. The absolute sensitivity of vision was studied as a function of temperature in two species of frog (Rana temporaria, 9‐21 degrees C, and Rana pipiens, 13‐28 degrees C). 2. Log behaviouralExpand
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Weber and noise adaptation in the retina of the toad Bufo marinus
Responses to flashes and steps of light were recorded intracellularly from rods and horizontal cells, and extracellularly from ganglion cells, in toad eyecups which were either dark adapted orExpand
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A model of the odontocete middle ear
The high acoustic sensitivity of the bottlenose dolphin is physically defined and related to the anatomy of the middle ear. The paper presents a conceptual and parametric analysis of the demandsExpand
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Fifty years of dark adaptation 1961–2011
  • T. Reuter
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Vision Research
  • 1 November 2011
This review celebrates the adaptation studies published in Vision Research during the past half a century, and it is thus a complement to the anniversary issues which are focusing on more recent workExpand
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The Physics and Biology of Olfaction and Taste
Traditionally, the chemical senses include olfaction and gustation: olfaction (smell) reports on gaseous substances carried by air over long distances, and gustation (taste) provides informationExpand
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