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The Effects of Manure and Nitrogen Fertilizer Applications on Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen in a High-Input Cropping System
With the goal of improving N fertilizer management to maximize soil organic carbon (SOC) storage and minimize N losses in high-intensity cropping system, a 6-years greenhouse vegetable experiment wasExpand
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Anatomical variation of mesophyll conductance under potassium deficiency has a vital role in determining leaf photosynthesis.
Leaves exposed to potassium (K) deficiency usually present decreased mesophyll conductance (gm ) and photosynthesis (A). The relative contributions of leaf anatomical traits in determining gm haveExpand
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Effects of low sink demand on leaf photosynthesis under potassium deficiency.
The interaction between low sink demand and potassium (K) deficiency in leaf photosynthesis was not intensively investigated, therefore this interaction was investigated in winter oilseed rapeExpand
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Root zone soil nitrogen management to maintain high tomato yields and minimum nitrogen losses to the environment.
Abstract Greenhouse field experiments on tomato were carried out at Shouguang, Shandong province, over four double cropping seasons between 2004 and 2008 in order to understand the effects ofExpand
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Storage nitrogen co-ordinates leaf expansion and photosynthetic capacity in winter oilseed rape
Optimal storage nitrogen (N) content in the leaf is critical to co-ordinate leaf expansion and photosynthetic capacity. Turnover between storage N and photosynthetic N could maintain a highExpand
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Genotypic variation in photosynthetic limitation responses to K deficiency of Brassica napus is associated with potassium utilisation efficiency.
Cultivars with higher potassium utilisation efficiency (KUtE) are likely to have superior photosynthesis (A) under K deficiency. However, the inner link between KUtE and photosynthesis remainsExpand
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Particulate Organic Matter Affects Soil Nitrogen Mineralization under Two Crop Rotation Systems
Changes in the quantity and/or quality of soil labile organic matter between and after different types of cultivation system could play a dominant role in soil nitrogen (N) mineralization. TheExpand
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Origin of the Lengshuigou porphyry–skarn Cu deposit in the Zha-Shan district, South Qinling, central China, and implications for differences between porphyry Cu and Mo deposits
Porphyry Cu and Mo deposits are two economically important types of metal deposits worldwide, but factors controlling their difference remain enigmatic. Compared with the well-studied large porphyryExpand
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Effects of fertilization on crop production and nutrient-supplying capacity under rice-oilseed rape rotation system
Incredible accomplishments have been achieved in agricultural production in China, but many demanding challenges for ensuring food security and environmental sustainability remain. Field experimentsExpand
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Prospects for enhancing leaf photosynthetic capacity by manipulating mesophyll cell morphology
Leaves are beautifully specialized organs designed to maximize the use of light and CO2 for photosynthesis. Engineering leaf anatomy therefore holds great potential to enhance photosyntheticExpand
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