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Transreal Limits Expose Category Errors in IEEE 754 Floating-Point Arithmetic and in Mathematics
The IEEE 754 standard for oating-point arithmetic is widely used in computing. It is based on real arithmetic and is made total by adding both a positive and a negative infinity, a negative zero,Expand
Construction of the Transreal Numbers and Algebraic Transfields
The transreal numbers, introduced by James Anderson, are an extension of the real numbers. The four arithmetical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are closed on the setExpand
Construction of the transcomplex numbersfrom the complex numbers
A geometrical construction of the transcomplex numbers was given elsewhere. Here we simplify the transcomplex plane and construct the set of transcomplex numbers from the set of complex numbers.Expand
Transdifferential and transintegral calculus
The set of transreal numbers is a superset of the real numbers. It totalises real arithmetic by defining division by zero in terms of three def- inite, non-finite numbers: positive infinity,Expand
The role of cortico-striatal circuits in social hierarchies
Validação de um escore para predição de eventos hemorrágicos em síndromes coronarianas agudas
FUNDAMENTO: Sangramento e uma complicacao grave em pacientes tratados para sindromes coronarianas agudas (SCA) com antitromboticos e terapias invasivas. Consequentemente, o beneficio dessas terapiasExpand
Integral on transcomplex numbers
The usual complex integral is defined in terms of complex numbers in Cartesian form but transcomplex numbers are defined in polar form and almost all transcomplex numbers, with infinite magnitude,Expand
Derivations of Evolution Algebras associated to graphs over a field of any characteristic
The space of derivations of finite dimensional evolution algebras associated to graphs over a field with characteristic zero has been completely characterized in the literature. In this work weExpand
Transreal proof of the existence of universal possible worlds
Transreal arithmetic is total, in the sense that the fundamental operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be applied to any transreal numbers with the result being aExpand
Transcomplex Numbers : Properties , Topology and Functions
We derive the properties of transcomplex arithmetic from the usual definition of transcomplex numbers as a fraction of complex numbers, whose denominator may be zero. This is equivalent to giving anExpand