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Placental development in normal and compromised pregnancies-- a review.
Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is a significant cause of infant mortality and morbidity. It is now clear that IUGR infants exhibit higher rates of coronary heart disease, type 2-diabetes,Expand
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Investigating the causes of low birth weight in contrasting ovine paradigms
Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) still accounts for a large incidence of infant mortality and morbity worldwide. Many of the circulatory and transport properties of the sheep placenta areExpand
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Development and mechanisms of fetal hypoxia in severe fetal growth restriction.
Severe fetal growth restriction (FGR) is often associated with hypoxia. We studied FGR hypoxia in an experimental model which is produced by exposing pregnant ewes to a hyperthermic environment. TheExpand
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Fetoplacental transport and utilization of amino acids in IUGR--a review.
Amino acids have multiple functions in fetoplacental development. The supply of amino acids to the fetus involves active transport across and metabolism within the trophoblast. Transport occursExpand
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Placental Adaptations in Growth Restriction
The placenta is the primary interface between the fetus and mother and plays an important role in maintaining fetal development and growth by facilitating the transfer of substrates and participatingExpand
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Fructose, pregnancy and later life impacts
Fructose is an increasingly common constituent of the Westernized diet due to cost and production efficiencies. Although an integral component of our pre‐industrial revolution diet, over the past twoExpand
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Intrauterine growth restriction increases fetal hepatic gluconeogenic capacity and reduces messenger ribonucleic acid translation initiation and nutrient sensing in fetal liver and skeletal muscle.
Expression of key metabolic genes and proteins involved in mRNA translation, energy sensing, and glucose metabolism in liver and skeletal muscle were investigated in a late-gestation fetal sheepExpand
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Fetal hypertension and abnormal Doppler velocimetry in an ovine model of intrauterine growth restriction.
OBJECTIVE Our objective was to test the hypothesis that systemic blood pressure (BP) is increased above normal in intrauterine growth restricted (IUGR) fetal lambs with elevated umbilical arteryExpand
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Placental uptake and transport of ACP, a neutral nonmetabolizable amino acid, in an ovine model of fetal growth restriction.
Reductions in fetal plasma concentrations of certain amino acids and reduced amino acid transport in vesicle studies suggest impaired placental amino acid transport in human fetal growth restrictionExpand
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Altered arterial concentrations of placental hormones during maximal placental growth in a model of placental insufficiency.
Pregnant ewes were exposed chronically to thermoneutral (TN; 20+/-2 degrees C, 30% relative humidity; n=8) or hyperthermic (HT; 40+/-2 degrees C 12 h/day, 35+/-2 degrees C 12 h/day, 30% relativeExpand
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