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Design of minimum multiplier fractional order differentiator based on lattice wave digital filter.
In this paper, a novel design of fractional order differentiator (FOD) based on lattice wave digital filter (LWDF) is proposed which requires minimum number of multiplier for its structuralExpand
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Optimal design of FIR fractional order differentiator using cuckoo search algorithm
A novel weighted least square (WLS) fitness function is adopted to improve the response of the finite impulse response-fractional order differentiator (FIR-FOD) problem to a great extent. Expand
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Design of optimal digital FIR filters using evolutionary and swarm optimization techniques
Abstract Design of optimal filters is an essential part of signal processing applications. It involves the computation of optimal filter coefficients such that the designed filter response possessesExpand
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Optimal Design of 2D FIR Filters with Quadrantally Symmetric Properties Using Fractional Derivative Constraints
In this article, an optimal design of two-dimensional finite impulse response (2D FIR) filter with quadrantally even symmetric impulse response using fractional derivative constraints (FDCs) is presented. Expand
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Optimal fractional delay-IIR filter design using cuckoo search algorithm.
This paper applied a novel global meta-heuristic optimization algorithm, cuckoo search algorithm (CSA) to determine optimal coefficients of a fractional delay-infinite impulse response (FD-IIR) filter and trying to meet the ideal frequency response characteristics. Expand
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Adaptive infinite impulse response system identification using modified-interior search algorithm with Lèvy flight.
In this paper, a new meta-heuristic optimization technique, called interior search algorithm (ISA) with Lèvy flight is proposed and applied to determine the optimal parameters of an unknown infiniteExpand
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Fractional Order Digital Differentiator Design Based on Power Function and Least squares
ABSTRACT In this article, we propose the use of power function and least squares method for designing of a fractional order digital differentiator. The input signal is transformed into a powerExpand
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Adaptive infinite impulse response system identification using teacher learner based optimization algorithm
In this paper, optimal coefficients of unknown infinite impulse response (IIR) system are computed by utilizing a new population based algorithm called teacher learner based optimization for system identification problem. Expand
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Optimal design of wideband digital integrators using gravitational search algorithm
In this paper a new heuristic algorithm called Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA), is employed for the optimization of the filter coefficients of infinite impulse response (IIR) integrator design problem. Expand
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Color image enhancement by scaling the discrete wavelet transform coefficients
This paper presents a performance based comparison of some of the major compressed domain color image enhancement techniques with special emphasis on the Color Enhancement By Scaling the DCTExpand
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