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Somatotopic organization of the hypoglossal nucleus: a HRP study in the rat
Our present knowledge of the motor pool pattern in the hypoglossal nucleus is based mainly on cytoarchitectonic descriptions and is derived from a truly extraordinary miscellany of animals (see refs.Expand
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Design and application of a weed damage model for laser-based weed control
Horticultural weed control strategies based on chemical and thermal methods are environmentally and energetically questionable. A promising alternative appears to be the use of laser technology. ThisExpand
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The human thyrocervical trunk: Configuration and variability reinvestigated
SummaryReinvestigation of the configuration of the human thyrocervical trunk revealed, that in the presently investigated specimens the dorsal scapular artery is a direct branch of the subclavianExpand
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Comparison of vision-based and manual weed mapping in sugar beet
By spraying only strongly weed-infested parts of agricultural fields, the herbicide costs for farmers and the environmental pollution could be reduced. A weed mapping is necessary to obtainedExpand
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Mindestmengen in der Kniegelenkendoprothetik
ZusammenfassungDie Literatur zur Mengen-Ergebnis-Relation bei Knietotalendoprothese (Knie-TEP) wird evaluiert und mögliche Auswirkungen einer Mindestmengenregelung auf die medizinische VersorgungExpand
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Improving plant discrimination in image processing by use of different colour space transformations
Different transformations of RGB colour space (discriminant analysis, canonical transformation, i1i2i3, HSI, HSV and Lab) were compared to find the best method for separating plants and background in colour images taken by a digital photo camera. Expand
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Novel image processing approach for solving the overlapping problem in agriculture
A general problem in computer vision is the detection of objects when they are partially occluded. This problem also extends to the identification of horticultural/agricultural products (e.g., plantsExpand
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Early and Sustained Changes in Bone Metabolism After Severe Burn Injury.
CONTEXT Severe burn injury causes a massive stress response, consecutively heightened serum levels of acute phase proteins, cortisol, and catecholamines with accompanying disturbance in calciumExpand
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Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2): a review of its use in surgery
SummaryHydrogen peroxide has been used in medicine for more than 100 years. It is known in surgery as a highly useful irrigation solution by virtue of both its hemostatic and its antimicrobialExpand
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