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Osmotic Adjustment and Solute Constituents in Leaves and Roots of Water-stressed Cherry (Prunus) Trees
Variation in between Prunus cultivars suggests the potential for selection of cultivars with low and possibly superior drought resistance, and osmotic potential at full turgor decreased in response to water stress for leaves and roots of both cultivars. Expand
From Evolution to New Plant Development Polyploidy : From Evolution to New Plant Development
INTRODUCTION Polyploidy is an intriguing phenomenon in plants that has provided an important pathway for evolution and speciation. Although the first polyploid was discovered over a century ago, theExpand
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer Effects on Establishment of Giant Miscanthus
Research efforts have recently been increasing to evaluate giant miscanthus (Miscanthus × giganteus L.) as a bioenergy feedstock and to develop recommendations for efficient management practices. TheExpand
In Vitro Shoot Regeneration and Polyploid Induction from Leaves of Hypericum Species
Inducingpolyploidy may further enhance the ornamental traits of this hybrid and provide new opportunities for hybridizing with other naturally occurring polyploid Hypericum sp. Expand
Biomass yield, nitrogen response, and nutrient uptake of perennial bioenergy grasses in North Carolina
The results indicate that giant reed, giant miscanthus, and switchgrass are productive bioenergy crops across geographic regions of North Carolina. Expand
Heat and Drought Influence Photosynthesis, Water Relations, and Soluble Carbohydrates of Two Ecotypes of Redbud (Cercis canadensis)
Net photosynthesis of two ecotypes of redbud was studied following growth under high temperatures and increasing drought, and D-pinitol was the major soluble carbohydrate and was considerably more abundant in the water-stressed plants. Expand
Comparative drought resistance among six species of birch (Betula): influence of mild water stress on water relations and leaf gas exchange
Responses of plant water relations and leaf gas exchange to mild water stress were monitored and compared among six species of birch; monarch birch (Bet& manimowicziana Reg.), river birch (B. nigraExpand
Fertility and Reproductive Pathways in Diploid and Triploid Miscanthus sinensis
The considerable reduction in female fertility in some triploidclones combined with the limited production of primarily aneuploid progeny provideshighly infertile alternatives to existing diploid cultivars. Expand
Feeding Preference of Japanese Beetles for Taxa of Birch, Cherry and Crabapple
Abstract Preference of adult Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica Newman) for different species, varieties, and cultivars was compared among 33 crabapple (Malus Mill.), nine cherry (Prunus L.), and n...
Potential of ozonolysis as a pretreatment for energy grasses.
Results showed that ozonolysis was effective in removing up to 59.9% lignin without cellulose degradation, however, subsequent hydrolysis of pretreated solids with Cellic® CTec2 at 0.06 g/g raw biomass provided glucan conversion lower than untreated samples suggesting enzyme inhibition by lign in degradation products formed during oz onolysis. Expand