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New insights into the tectonic evolution of the Andaman basin, northeast Indian Ocean
Multibeam swath bathymetry data acquired over an area of about 30 000 km2, together with magnetic and single channel seismic data, have been analyzed to understand the tectonic evolution of theExpand
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Seafloor spreading magnetic anomalies in the Enderby Basin, East Antarctica
Abstract The timing of the early separation of India from the contiguous Antarctica–Australia is still an unresolved problem although it is well established that Antarctica and India formed a singleExpand
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Mesozoic anomalies in the Bay of Bengal
Abstract The analysis of 8200 line km of total magnetic intensity data in the Bay of Bengal, northeastern Indian Ocean, revealed the presence of approximately N30°E-trending seafloor spreading typeExpand
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Analysis of multi-channel seismic refection and magnetic data along 13° N latitude across the bay of bengal
Analysis of the multi-channel seismic reflection, magnetic and bathymetric data collected along a transect, 1110 km long parallel to 13° N latitude across the Bay of Bengal was made. The transect isExpand
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Geologic implications of gas hydrates in the offshore of India: Krishna–Godavari Basin, Mahanadi Basin, Andaman Sea, Kerala–Konkan Basin
Gas hydrate resource assessments that indicate enormous global volumes of gas present within hydrate accumulations have been one of the primary driving forces behind the growing interest in gasExpand
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Fault system and thermal regime in the vicinity of site NGHP-01-10, Krishna-Godavari basin, Bay of Bengal
Abstract Drilling/coring activities onboard JOIDES Resolution for hydrate resource estimation have confirmed gas hydrate in the continental slope of Krishna-Godavari (KG) basin, Bay of Bengal and theExpand
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Evidence of slumping/sliding in Krishna-Godavari offshore basin due to gas/fluid movements
Abstract The Krishna–Godavari (KG) offshore basin is one of the promising petroliferous basins of the eastern continental margin of India. Drilling in this basin proved the presence of gas hydrateExpand
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Early Tertiary seafloor spreading magnetic anomalies and paleo-propagators in the northern Arabian Sea
Abstract Study of closely spaced new marine magnetic profiles, in conjunction with published magnetic data, provide an updated identification of linear magnetic anomalies in the northern Arabian SeaExpand
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Multidisciplinary investigations exploring indicators of gas hydrate occurrence in the Krishna–Godavari Basin offshore, east coast of India
We report some main results of multidisciplinary investigations carried out within the framework of the Indian National Gas Hydrate Program in 2002–2003 in the Krishna–Godavari Basin offshore sector,Expand
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Anisotropic amplitude variation of the bottom-simulating reflector beneath fracture-filled gas hydrate deposit
[1] For the first time, we report the amplitude variation with angle (AVA) pattern of bottom-simulating reflectors (BSRs) beneath fracture-filled gas hydrate deposits when the effective medium isExpand
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