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Gaussian quantum information
This review focuses on continuous-variable quantum information processes that rely on any combination of Gaussian states, Gaussian operations, and Gaussian measurements, including quantum communication, quantum cryptography, quantum computation, quantum teleportation, and quantum state and channel discrimination. Expand
Linear optical quantum computing with photonic qubits
Linear optics with photon counting is a prominent candidate for practical quantum computing. The protocol by Knill, Laflamme, and Milburn [2001, Nature (London) 409, 46] explicitly demonstrates thatExpand
A Guide to Experiments in Quantum Optics
Classical Models of Light Experiments with Photons Quantum Models of Light Basic Optical Components Photo-currents: Generation and Detection The Laser Quantum Noise: Basic Measurements Sub-PoissonianExpand
Quantum information with continuous variables
  • T. Ralph
  • Computer Science
  • Conference Digest. International Quantum…
  • 2000
This work discusses new work that shows how entanglement of the Bell-type can be observed in continuous variable, homodyne measurement schemes, and contrasts the various classical limits which emerge from the different ways of assessing teleportation. Expand
Nondeterministic Noiseless Linear Amplification of Quantum Systems
We introduce the concept of non‐deterministic noiseless linear amplification. We propose a linear optical realization of this transformation that could be built with current technology. We discussExpand
Demonstration of an all-optical quantum controlled-NOT gate
An unambiguous experimental demonstration and comprehensive characterization of quantum CNOT operation in an optical system that produces all four entangled Bell states as a function of only the input qubits' logical values, for a single operating condition of the gate. Expand
Linear optical controlled- NOT gate in the coincidence basis
We describe the operation and tolerances of a nondeterministic, coincidence basis, quantum controlled-NOT gate for photonic qubits. It is constructed solely from linear optical elements and requiresExpand
Continuous variable quantum cryptography: beating the 3 dB loss limit.
It is shown that, by an appropriate postselection mechanism, one can enter a region where Eve's knowledge on Alice's key falls behind the information shared between Alice and Bob, even in the presence of substantial losses. Expand
Tomography of quantum detectors
Measurement connects the world of quantum phenomena to the world of classical events. It has both a passive role—in observing quantum systems—and an active one, in preparing quantum states andExpand
Quantum computation with optical coherent states
We show that quantum computation circuits using coherent states as the logical qubits can be constructed from simple linear networks, conditional photon measurements, and "small" coherentExpand