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An Enhanced Fall Detection System for Elderly Person Monitoring using Consumer Home Networks
From a test group of 30 healthy participants, it was found that the proposed fall detection system can achieve a high detection accuracy of 97.5%, while the sensitivity and specificity are 96.8% and 98.1% respectively. Expand
Selection of Anchor Nodes in Time of Arrival for Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
The maximum lambda and minimum error (MaxL-MinE) localization technique is implemented with different configuration of nodes in MATLAB and it is found that the accuracy of position error is reduced as the number of anchor nodes increases. Expand
IOT based self-tracking solar powered smart irrigation system
The soil and water conditions and how can the authors supply the proper water with respected to time as well as without the human intervention are discussed in this paper. Expand
Architecture for Automatic Semantic Annotation to Discover Knowledge from Heterogeneous Sensor Data
Sensor description represented through semantic technologies in heterogeneous sensor network is a better interoperability mechanism. Through semantic annotation, it is possible to provide contextExpand
Data Analysis and Management Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
Harvesting the benefits of a sensor-rich world presents many data analysis and management challenges. Recent advances in research and industry aim to address these challenges. Modern sensors andExpand
A sensor Web Model for Domestic Electric Power Management
There is so much research have taken place in electrical transmission, distribution and consumption from point of view performance and reducing cost of distribution. But the consumption measurementExpand
Secure IOT Plotform For Industrial Control Systems
Deployment of smart IoT platform, SCADA system will significantly increase system efficiency, scalability, and reduce cost. Expand
A Wireless Monitoring Medical Equipment Using GSM during Natural Disasters
Electricity worked strong restorative hardware (DME, for example, ventilators, dialysis machines, and patient observing gadgets, are life-supporting machines utilized widely by patients at home.Expand
Energy Saving System for Classroom Based on Campus Card
The venture depends on the Campus Card System, which has been generally utilized, in mix with Ethernet, RF remote interchanges innovation, and in addition the advancement of PC programming for database administration and different operations, to accomplish a total classroom vitality sparing system. Expand