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Low blood ISG15 mRNA and progesterone levels are predictive of non-pregnant dairy cows.
ISG15 is induced by conceptus-derived interferon-tau in the endometrium on days 15-45 of pregnancy. It was hypothesized that pregnancy induces blood cell ISG15 gene expression and that low bloodExpand
Uterine-conceptus interactions and reproductive failure in cattle.
The dialogue between trophectoderm cells of the conceptus and epithelial cells of the endometrium is critical to CL maintenance and embryo survival. The signal transduction mechanisms by which bovineExpand
Expression of interferon (IFN)-stimulated genes in extrauterine tissues during early pregnancy in sheep is the consequence of endocrine IFN-tau release from the uterine vein.
The ruminant conceptus synthesizes and secretes interferon (IFN)-tau, which presumably acts via an intrauterine paracrine mechanism to signal maternal recognition of pregnancy. The aims of this studyExpand
Mechanism of action of interferon-tau in the uterus during early pregnancy.
Early pregnancy is maintained in ruminants through the actions of conceptus-derived interferon (IFN)-tau on the endometrium. IFN-tau alters uterine release of PGF2 alpha' which results in rescue ofExpand
Regulation of interferon-stimulated genes in peripheral blood leukocytes in pregnant and bred, nonpregnant dairy cows.
In ruminants, pregnancy results in up-regulation of a large number of IFN-stimulated genes (ISG) in the uterus. Recently, one of these genes was also shown to increase in peripheral blood leukocytesExpand
Endometrial ISG17 mRNA and a related mRNA are induced by interferon-tau and localized to glandular epithelial and stromal cells from pregnant cows
The interferon stimulated gene product, ISG17, conjugates to bovine uterine proteins in response to conceptus-derived interferon (IFN)-τ. The objectives of the present experiments were to examineExpand
Expression of the interferon tau inducible ubiquitin cross-reactive protein in the ovine uterus.
Ubiquitin cross-reactive protein (UCRP) is a 17-kDa protein that shows cross-reactivity with ubiquitin antisera and retains the carboxyl-terminal Leu-Arg-Gly-Gly amino acid sequence of ubiquitin thatExpand
Cloning of interferon-stimulated gene 17: the promoter and nuclear proteins that regulate transcription.
A member of the interferon-stimulated gene (ISG) family encodes a 17-kDa ubiquitin homolog called ISG17 that is induced in the bovine uterine endometrium by interferon-tau (IFN-tau) during earlyExpand
Expression of trophoblastic interferon genes in sheep and cattle.
The trophoblastic interferons ovine and bovine trophoblast protein-1 (oTP-1 and bTP-1, respectively) have been implicated as mediators of maternal recognition of pregnancy in sheep and cattle. TheExpand
Ubiquitin cross-reactive protein is released by the bovine uterus in response to interferon during early pregnancy.
A 16-kDa protein has been identified that is secreted by the bovine endometrium in response to conceptus-derived interferon (IFN)-tau during early pregnancy. Because this uterine protein was similarExpand