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Protostars and Planets V
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MDA-MB-435 Human Breast Carcinoma Cell Homo- and Heterotypic Adhesion under Flow Conditions Is Mediated in Part by Thomsen-Friedenreich Antigen-Galectin-3 Interactions*
The importance of Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen (T antigen)-galectin-3 interactions in adhesion of human breast carcinoma cells to the endothelium under conditions of flow was studied. HighlyExpand
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Identification and Characterization of Peptides That Bind Human ErbB-2 Selected from a Bacteriophage Display Library
The ErbB-2 receptor, a member of the tyrosine kinase type 1 family of receptors, has been implicated in many human malignancies. The overexpression of ErbB-2 in cancer cells as well as itsExpand
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Effects of Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen-specific peptide P-30 on beta-galactoside-mediated homotypic aggregation and adhesion to the endothelium of MDA-MB-435 human breast carcinoma cells.
Both the ability of malignant cells to form multicellular aggregates via homotypic or heterotypic aggregation and their adhesion to the endothelium are important if not critical during early stagesExpand
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The role of Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen in adhesion of human breast and prostate cancer cells to the endothelium.
Interactions of metastatic cancer cells with vasculatory endothelium are critical during early stages of cancer metastasis. Understanding the molecular underpinnings of these interactions isExpand
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Ultrasmall nanoparticles induce ferroptosis in nutrient-deprived cancer cells and suppress tumour growth
The design of cancer-targeting particles with precisely-tuned physiocochemical properties may enhance delivery of therapeutics and access to pharmacological targets. However, molecular levelExpand
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Design and characterization of alpha-melanotropin peptide analogs cyclized through rhenium and technetium metal coordination.
alpha-Melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) analogs, cyclized through site-specific rhenium (Re) and technetium (Tc) metal coordination, were structurally characterized and analyzed for theirExpand
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Evaluation of an 111In-Radiolabeled Peptide as a Targeting and Imaging Agent for ErbB-2 Receptor–Expressing Breast Carcinomas
Purpose: The cellular targeting and tumor imaging properties of a novel ErbB-2-avid peptide, discovered from bacteriophage display, were evaluated in human breast carcinoma cells and in breastExpand
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111In-labeled lactam bridge-cyclized alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone peptide analogues for melanoma imaging.
The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of the lactam bridge cyclization on melanoma targeting and biodistribution properties of the radiolabeled conjugates. Two novel lactamExpand
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Copper transport into the secretory pathway is regulated by oxygen in macrophages
Copper is an essential nutrient for a variety of biochemical processes; however, the redox properties of copper also make it potentially toxic in the free form. Consequently, the uptake andExpand
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