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The Milky Way Tomography with SDSS. II. Stellar Metallicity
In addition to optical photometry of unprecedented quality, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is producing a massive spectroscopic database which already contains over 280,000 stellar spectra.
Solar system objects observed in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey commissioning data
We discuss measurements of the properties of D13,000 asteroids detected in 500 deg2 of sky in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) commissioning data. The moving objects are detected in the magnitude
Bulgeless dwarf galaxies and dark matter cores from supernova-driven outflows
Hydrodynamical simulations in a framework assuming the presence of CDM and a cosmological constant are reported in which the inhomogeneous interstellar medium is resolved and the analogues of dwarf galaxies—bulgeless and with shallow central dark-matter profiles—arise naturally in these simulations.
Forming disc galaxies in ΛCDM simulations
We used fully cosmological, high-resolution N-body + smooth particle hydrodynamic (SPH) simulations to follow the formation of disc galaxies with rotational velocities between 135 and 270km s -1 in a
Damped Lyman α systems in galaxy formation simulations
We investigate the population of z = 3 damped Lyman alpha systems (DLAs) in a recent series of high resolution galaxy formation simulations. The simulations are of interest because they form at z = 0
Cuspy No More: How Outflows Affect the Central Dark Matter and Baryon Distribution in Lambda CDM Galaxies
We examine the evolution of the inner dark matter (DM) and baryonic density profile of a new sample of simulated field galaxies using fully cosmological, Lambda CDM, high resolution SPH + N-Body
Dark matter subhaloes in numerical simulations
We use cosmologicalCDM numerical simulations to model the evolution of the substructure population in sixteen dark matter haloes with resolutions of up to seven million particles within the virial
Direct Large-Scale N-Body Simulations of Planetesimal Dynamics
Abstract We describe a new direct numerical method for simulating planetesimal dynamics in which N ∼10 6 or more bodies can be evolved simultaneously in three spatial dimensions over hundreds of
Comparison of Positions and Magnitudes of Asteroids Observed in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey with Those Predicted for Known Asteroids
We positionally correlate known asteroids with a sample of ~18,000 asteroids detected by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). We find 2641 unique matches, which represent the largest sample of