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Encyclopaedia of WORLD Medicinal Plants
Encyclopaedia of WORLD Medicinal Plants , Encyclopaedia of WORLD Medicinal Plants , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
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Medicinal plants in India
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In vitro shoot multiplication and conservation of Caralluma bhupenderiana Sarkaria - an endangered medicinal plant from South India
An efficient protocol was described for the rapid in vitro multiplication of an endangered medicinal plant, Caralluma bhupenderiana Sarkaria, via enhanced axillary bud proliferation from nodalExpand
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Micropropagation of Three Varieties of Caralluma adscendens via Nodal Explants
A procedure for in vitro propagation of pharmaceutically valuable varieties of Caralluma adscendens from nodal explant, is described. The highest shoot multiplication with 80% frequency was achievedExpand
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Studies in the embryology of compositae
  • T. Pullaiah
  • Biology
  • The botanical magazine = Shokubutsu-gaku-zasshi
  • 1 September 1978
The male and female gametophytes formation, fertilisation, and embryo development were observed inSolidago canadensis andConyza stricta. The anther is tetrasporangiate and its wall developmentExpand
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Micropropagation of Vanasushava pedata - An Endangered Medicinal Plant of South India
An efficient in vitro propagation of an endangered medicinal plant Vanasushava pedata (Apiaceae) by axillary shoot proliferation from nodal segments of mature plants was designed. The medium type andExpand
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In vitro flowering - A review
In vitro flowering has become a valuable tool assisting micropropagators to release new species and cultivars into market more rapidly. In this review the progress made in the industry of cutExpand
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