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Complete Generalized Gibbs Ensembles in an Interacting Theory.
This work constructs a GGE which uniquely fixes the macrostate describing the stationary behavior after a general quantum quench of the spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain by explicitly constructing a generalized Gibbs ensemble constructed from their extensive number of conserved charges.
Quasilocal charges in integrable lattice systems
We review recent progress in understanding the notion of locality in integrable quantum lattice systems. The central concept are the so-called quasilocal conserved quantities, which go beyond the
Exact Correlation Functions for Dual-Unitary Lattice Models in 1+1 Dimensions.
It is shown that for this class of circuits, generically nonintegrable, one can compute explicitly all dynamical correlations of local observables and this result is exact, nonpertubative, and holds for any dimension d of the local Hilbert space.
Third quantization: a general method to solve master equations for quadratic open Fermi systems
The Lindblad master equation for an arbitrary quadratic system of n fermions is solved explicitly in terms of diagonalization of a 4n?4n matrix, provided that all Lindblad bath operators are linear
A note on symmetry reductions of the Lindblad equation: transport in constrained open spin chains
We study quantum transport properties of an open Heisenberg XXZ spin 1/2 chain driven by a pair of Lindblad jump operators satisfying a global ?micro-canonical? constraint, i.e. conserving the total
Families of quasilocal conservation laws and quantum spin transport.
A general procedure for defining a continuous family of quasilocal operators whose time derivative is supported near the two boundary sites only is outlined, resulting in improved rigorous estimates for the high temperature spin Drude weight.
Entanglement Spreading in a Minimal Model of Maximal Many-Body Quantum Chaos
The spreading of entanglement in out-of-equilibrium quantum systems is currently at the center of intense interdisciplinary research efforts involving communities with interests ranging from
Spectral theorem for the Lindblad equation for quadratic open fermionic systems
The spectral theorem is proven for the quantum dynamics of quadratic open systems of n fermions described by the Lindblad equation. Invariant eigenspaces of the many-body Liouvillian dynamics and
Exact Spectral Form Factor in a Minimal Model of Many-Body Quantum Chaos.
It is shown that the self-dual cases provide a minimal model of many-body quantum chaos, where the spectral form factor is demonstrated to match RMT for all values of the integer time variable t in the thermodynamic limit.