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Evidence for the Involvement of Dopamine Transporters in Behavioral Stimulant Effects of Modafinil
Modafinil is prescribed for numerous medical conditions, but the drug's mechanism of action is unclear. Here, we examined the interaction of modafinil with receptors and transporters in vitro andExpand
Monohydroxylated metabolites of the K2 synthetic cannabinoid JWH-073 retain intermediate to high cannabinoid 1 receptor (CB1R) affinity and exhibit neutral antagonist to partial agonist activity.
K2 and several similar purported "incense products" spiked with synthetic cannabinoids are abused as cannabis substitutes. We hypothesized that metabolism of JWH-073, a prevalent cannabinoid found inExpand
Human psychopharmacology and dose-effects of salvinorin A, a kappa opioid agonist hallucinogen present in the plant Salvia divinorum.
Salvinorin A is a potent, selective nonnitrogenous kappa opioid agonist and the known psychoactive constituent of Salvia divinorum, a member of the mint family that has been used for centuries byExpand
Dose-related effects of salvinorin A in humans: dissociative, hallucinogenic, and memory effects
RationaleSalvinorin A is a kappa opioid agonist and the principal psychoactive constituent of the plant Salvia divinorum, which has increased in popularity as a recreational drug over the pastExpand
Evaluation of the transport, in vitro metabolism and pharmacokinetics of Salvinorin A, a potent hallucinogen.
Salvinorin A is an unregulated potent hallucinogen isolated from the leaves of Salvia divinorum. It is the only known non-nitrogenous kappa-opioid selective agonist, and rivals synthetic lysergicExpand
Pharmacokinetics of the plant‐derived κ‐opioid hallucinogen salvinorin A in nonhuman primates
Salvinorin A, a potent hallucinogen isolated from the leaves of Salvia divinorum, has gained popularity among adolescents in the USA. No detailed study of the pharmacokinetics has been conducted inExpand
Reinstatement of methamphetamine seeking in male and female rats treated with modafinil and allopregnanolone.
BACKGROUND Sex differences in methamphetamine (METH) use (females>males) have been demonstrated in clinical and preclinical studies. This experiment investigated the effect of sex on theExpand
Development of Functionally Selective, Small Molecule Agonists at Kappa Opioid Receptors*
Background: Kappa opioid receptor (KOR) signaling may produce antinociception through G protein or dysphoria through βarrestin pathways. Results: Two highly selective, brain penetrant agonistExpand
Dopamine transport inhibitors based on GBR12909 and benztropine as potential medications to treat cocaine addiction.
The discovery and development of medications to treat addiction and notably, cocaine addiction, have been frustrated by both the complexity of the disorder and the lack of target validation in humanExpand
Effect of kappa-opioid receptor agonists U69593, U50488H, spiradoline and salvinorin A on cocaine-induced drug-seeking in rats
Our previous work indicated that pretreatment with the selective kappa-opioid receptor (KOPr) agonist, U69593, attenuated the ability of priming injections of cocaine to reinstate extinguishedExpand